Breitbart Jews Going Nuts with Support for New War in Iraq!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2020

I rarely look at Breitbart anymore, but every time I do, I am staggered by how different it is from what it was during the 2016 election – and how completely Jewish it is.

At time of writing, the entire top of the page is filled with war propaganda. There are nine articles at the top of the page supporting Donald Trump’s insane escalation of tensions in Iraq, wherein he assassinated a top Iranian official out of nowhere.

I’ve circled the articles written by Jews – 6 of the 9.

Right now, Democrats are pretending to be against all of this.

But soon enough, the front of the New York Times will look very similar to the front of Breitbart: a whole bunch of Jews demanding a war with Iran.