Breitbart is Now Shilling World Jewish Congress Racism Hoaxes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2020

Of course Breitbart is now literally promoting Ronald Lauder and his anti-Semitism hoaxes.

What an absolute disaster that site has become. Every single decent writer has left or been fired. It is now literally just a far-left website that likes Donald Trump.

Even I’m a little bit shocked that they’re promoting WJC racism hoaxes. They might as well be promoting the SPLC. In fact, since the demise of the SPLC, the WJC has filled the role of promoting a lot of their hoaxes. The WJC used to only talk about Jews; now they’re shilling anti-Asian race hoaxes.


Scapegoating Asian-Americans and Jews for the spread of the coronavirus has a “genuine threat” that will rob America of its civility, World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder warned in a recent oped.

Lauder drew a parallel between the ongoing racism and bigotry faced by the Asian community over the pandemic and the hatred experienced by Jews throughout the ages.

“Holding Asian-Americans responsible for the coronavirus merely because it originated in China is deeply offensive and a genuine threat to them,” he wrote.

“Such scapegoating is terrifyingly familiar to my community, the Jewish people. And we are also being targeted now,” he wrote in Fox News piece.

Lauder noted the “malicious, ugly jokes” about Jews, in which antisemites herald the virus because it can “rid the world of its Jewish problem by letting us die.”

On the other hand, grotesque tropes of hook-nosed Jews are being disseminated to spread the lie that Jews are somehow responsible for the pandemic.

“Blaming Jews for the coronavirus has become a guiding force for antisemites worldwide,” he wrote, and continues by bringing several examples of this from far-right Christian leaders to Muslim officials in the Middle East.

The phenomenon has been around for centuries, Lauder said, dating at least back to the 14th century when political and religious leaders ascribed blame to Jews for somehow causing the bubonic plague by poisoning wells.

“In the 21st century, antisemitism wears chinos and carries Tiki torches, but like any social ill, it has always been adaptable, attaching itself to whatever its proponents found most threatening,” Lauder wrote.

He further slammed those attempting to smear Asian-Americans over the pandemic. “Whether in a meme or in real life, the effect is to demonize and dehumanize anyone who ‘looks’ Chinese. Asian-Americans of all backgrounds have reported deeply troubling encounters with Americans of other backgrounds,” he went on to say.

Israeli startup L1ght reported hate speech towards China and Chinese people had increased by a staggering 900 percent on Twitter in light of the virus.

Lauder called on Americans not to repeat the sins of the past to take an “unyielding stand” against vilifying any individual or community.

There is no “many people disagree about the purported danger of anti-Asian memes, and think that people are just joking around and it’s not a big deal.”


Breitbart literally reports the entire WJC narrative with a straight face.

It’s truly incredible how far they’ve sunk since 2016, and it is an example of what happens if you don’t take an explicit stand against the Jews. Breitbart was “far right,” but they were not specifically anti-Semitic, so they hired Jews and the Jews that came in just completely took over the site.

It is now totally schizophrenic, as they are promoting Donald Trump’s “Chinese virus” meme but also warning people that such memes could lead to a Holocaust of… Jews, I guess?