Breitbart is Good. I Like Breitbart.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2016


Nearly a year ago, I launched Operation Kikebart AKA #NoHydeNoPeace (good memories in that post), with the goal of forcing multiple editorial changes at Breitbart.

This was the list of demands:

  • Breitbart stop shilling for Jews and close down new Jerusalem office
  • Breitbart fire all Jews including but not limited to Ben Shapiro
  • Breitbart stop shilling for Blacks like Magic Ben
  • Breitbart must feature Donald Trump constantly
  • Breitbart editor step down and be replaced with Sam Hyde

Of these 5 demands, 2 have been acquiesced to – they have stopped shilling for Magic Ben and they promote Donald Trump constantly. Ben Shapiro and several other of the Jews who worked there are gone now, so you could really say 2.5 of my 5 demands have been met.

I call that a success.

At the time, in November of last year, Breitbart was sort of promoting Donald Trump sometimes, but also printing negative stories about him. Fixing that particular issue was, of course, the real and serious goal of the campaign, as I did not actually believe the were going to actually appoint Sam Hyde as their Editor-in-Chief.


As the situation stands right now, I read Breitbart, and have almost no disagreement with anything they print, except on the Jewish issue. And, for what it’s worth, they do seem to have toned down the pro-Jewish content significantly.

Having implemented 50% of the Anglin Program, Breitbart’s traffic has soared and their leader has been made leader of the Trump campaign. They are now being portrayed by the media as the number one enemy to global Jewish-democratic values.

They’re on the cover of the New York Times today. Or at least the internet cover. I don’t know if they’re on the physical cover.

Heidi basically says they’ve ripped us off – the same thing Matt Lewis said earlier this year.

For those who track hate groups, Breitbart’s success is particularly alarming.

“Breitbart in the last year or so has consistently picked up themes coming from the alt-right,” said Heidi Beirich, the director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, using a nickname for a loosely affiliated online movement that includes hard-line nationalists and many supporters of Mr. Trump.

Ms. Beirich said that Breitbart came to her attention because she found that white supremacist websites, like The Daily Stormer, were increasingly linking to its coverage. “To people in the alt-right, who have basically been maligned and haven’t been part of the political system at all, this is a big, big deal,” she said, adding: “Their views are finally in the mainstream.”

It was this development that prompted aides to Mrs. Clinton to consider whether she should explicitly call out Breitbart to voters.

“We think it’s important that people understand what Trump stands for, and what these groups stand for, and what it means that he echoes them,” said Glen Caplin, a Clinton campaign spokesman.

This is very good.

Our ideas are winning.

Of course, they aren’t and won’t talk about the Jews. But it doesn’t matter. The more of our platform they adopt – and they are adopting most of it – the more of the puzzle comes together in people’s minds. The more of the nature of this situation we understand, the easier it becomes to point out the Jewish problem.

The rise of Breitbart should absolutely be considered a win for anti-Semites as it puts us that much closer to achieving our goal of ridding the West of the Jewish parasite.