Breitbart is Full Neocon Now, Does Nothing But Shill for War, Refuses to Mention Trump’s Broken Promises

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2020

Breitbart’s Jewish front page immediately after the assassination of Qasem Soliemeni.

Breitbart has just turned into the worst neocon crap on earth.

They support war with Iran, they whine that the evil Chicoms are keeping good Chinamen from ramming their penises into each other’s anuses and they DO NOT EVER talk about all of the broken promises of Donald Trump.

It really just makes me feel dirty reading it.

Just like CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and everyone else, they promote nothing but “global democracy.”


China’s Taiwan Affairs Office claimed that “increasing voices” within Communist Party territory support “reunification through military force” with Taiwan to combat “secessionists.”

Taiwan is a sovereign island state off the coast of China. It has never been governed by the People’s Republic of China, so the Chinese use of the terms “reunification” and “secession” are misnomers.

Yeah, no.

Taiwan was a part of China for hundreds of years. All the people who live there are literally Chinese.

Saying that Taiwan isn’t China anymore because the government of China changed is like saying Donald Trump isn’t the president of California.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, spokesperson for Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council Ma Xiaoguang warned Taiwan to “introspect upon where they want to lead cross-Straits relations” in the coming months and years following the re-election of anti-communist President Tsai Ing-wen.

In a thinly veiled threat, Ma cited the “increasing voices” within China expecting Beijing to step up its efforts to protect the “one China principle” through a process of “reunification through military force.” The “One China principle” is Beijing’s assertion that Taiwan is a province of China. The “One China Policy,” which Taiwan adheres to, is that there is only one China in the world. Taipei considers the Republic of China, Taiwan’s official name, its “One China.”

“This sentiment is a result provoked by the actions of the DPP authority and Taiwan secessionists that went against the trend of the times,” Ma explained. “Upholding the 1992 Consensus which reflects the adherence to the one-China principle is the unshakeable foundation for the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations.”

This week, China’s state-run English language propaganda outlet Global Times urged Beijing to start to “impose military pressure” against Taiwan, which they described as an “unbearable option” for the Taiwanese government.

“It is absolutely the will of the 1.4 billion Chinese people that Taiwan secession must be prevented no matter what action needs to be taken,” Times Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin said in a video directed at Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials.

This is true.

All Chinese people, rich and poor, are very angry about Taiwan.

Hu also urged the Trump administration against siding with a Taiwanese attempt at succession, declaring that Washington “cannot just consider public opinion in Taiwanese society while disregarding public opinion on the mainland.”

President Tsai appeared unfazed by the threats in an interview with the BBC on Tuesday, urging China to face the reality that Taiwan was “an independent country already” and deserved more respect from Beijing.

“We don’t have a need to declare ourselves an independent state. We are an independent country already and we call ourselves the Republic of China, Taiwan,” she said. “Invading Taiwan is something that is going to be very costly for China. We’re a successful democracy, we have a pretty decent economy, [and] we deserve respect from China.”

No, you are traitors who abandoned your own people because you wanted to do man-on-man anal.

China isn’t going to invade Taiwan. There is no reason to invade when they can just wait for America to collapse under the weight of immigrants, trannies and fentanyl and then run the entire region however they want to run it without a bunch of weirdos coming over and giving weapons to rebellious analists.

But if they did invade, it would be very popular with their people.

Anyway, yeah – point being: this article is literally the exact same thing you would read on NYT. Breitbart is now just all of the things I hate.

I rarely go there.

But when I do, I see “yay democracy force.”

Breitbart could be doing a lot of good by pressuring Trump to keep his promises. Instead, they’re promoting a globalist anal sex and war agenda.

It’s because of the Jews.

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