Breitbart is a Jewish Hate Machine

Here are some of the articles posted to Breitbart in the last two days:

Browsing the site, you would think it was an Israel propaganda site acting on direct behalf of the Israeli government.

And in fact, that is basically what it actually is.

With Steve Bannon totally out of the picture at Breitbart, it is now run by one Joel B. Pollak.

Pollak is not simply ethnically Jewish. He is the son of orthodox Jews and has a master’s degree in Jewish studies. After graduating college, he became active in far-left communist movements.

He became a “conservative” why? Well, it looks like he thought he could do more for the Jewish people as a conservative.

The pro-Israelism on Breitbart right now is over the top. You’d think that even conservative morons would get tired of it at some point. But apparently not.

I’ve always liked the site. But since Bannon left, it has really just been a downhill slide.

Christians need to consider the role these Jews are playing in the American right wing.

What possible benefit does our country get from supporting Israel?

Thus far we’ve gotten nothing but misery and curses.

Maybe these people should just leave us alone and fight their own wars?

Of course, that can never happen as long as they’re permitted to run the media like they do.