Breitbart Falsely Claims That Trump Didn’t Tell Nationalists to Stand by and Await War Orders

At the debate on Tuesday night, President Trump very clearly told nationalists, including the Proud Boys, to “stand by,” the clear implication being that he would be delivering our orders soon with regards to a civil war situation.

This should be a moment of excitement for all nationalists, and indeed for all True Americans, who now know that the President is going to call on us to fight for him in the event that the Democrats attempt to steal the election.

Instead of rejoicing in that, however, the Jews of Breitbart, namely Joel Pollak, are claiming that he didn’t actually say that.

This speaks to the larger problem of the conservative media, where they are continually telling people that we are actually just the same as the Democrats, and we don’t want to actually fight for anything, and really, we just want the same thing as the Democrats, except maybe lower taxes.

This is how Breitbart’s false and Jewish fact check begins:

CLAIM: Joe Biden said President Donald Trump told the “Proud Boys” to “stand ready based on the outcome of the election.”

VERDICT: FALSE. Biden brought up the “Proud Boys,” whom Trump told to “stand down and stand by.”

Biden delivered a speech in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, the day after the first presidential debate, in which he grossly distorted what Trump said the night before. He also delivered a similar speech in Ohio.

The Jew literally misquoted the President. His actual phrase was, “stand back and stand by.”

That is in fact shown in the transcript that Breitbart includes.

The Jew Pollak then quotes Joe Biden:

Here is how Biden described that exchange in his Pennsylvania speech:

And you heard what he said last night, when he was asked by the moderator, “Will you condemn white supremacy?” And he fuddled around didn’t say anything. I said, “How about the Proud Boys?” And he said, “Well,” the context he likes he said, “just tell them to stand down and stand by.” Go online. Look up Proud Boys they’ve got a new emblem now, literally. It says, “Stand down and stand by.” Implying that if he loses the election, something may have to be done.

And here is how Biden summarized that exchange in his Ohio speech:

When asked, “Would he condemn white supremacy?” He didn’t say a word. Then when I said, “Well, how about the Proud Boys?” Which is a white supremacist group. He said, “Well, I just told them to stand down and stand ready,” stand down and stand ready based on the outcome of the election?

Pollak claims this is a mischaracterization of what the President said, and it actually is not.

Trump was very straightforward, and he has not backed down from it since the debate: he told the Proud Boys, and thereby all of the nationalist groups given the context of the speech, to “stand by.” You can’t twist that up.

This is no different than saying, “actually, Trump supports Antifa” or any other lie about what Trump said during that debate. In fact, I will go so far as to say that this Jewish Breitbart fact check is more dishonest than the typical leftist Jew fact checks.

Imagine what the explanations of this lie by the Jew Pollak might be.

The first possibility is simply that the people who run the conservative media are actively seeking to moderate Trump’s message. They do this constantly. Look at the thing I recently wrote this morning about the comments on the debate from various shill Republicans. They were all saying, “I don’t think he supports Proud Boys.”

(Of course, the only reason Trump wouldn’t support the Proud Boys is that he supports Antifa. The only thing that Proud Boys do publicly is hold rallies. The media claims they are white supremacists because when Antifa attacks them, they fight back. That’s all. But I digress.)

We have a consistent pattern of the conservative media pandering to the left, for no clear reason beyond the fact that they have accepted the entire reality tunnel of the left and so must continually change their positions.

This was best exemplified by Charlie Kirk, who brought a gay black guy on stage to say that actually, it’s the Democrats that are racist homophobes.

“Racism” and “homophobia” are both terms created by the left and pushed by the left. No one naturally decides that it’s good to have multiculturalism or homosexuality – the default should be to be against those things. So the only reason that the conservative media pushes these things is to attempt to play this morality game with the left.

However, with Breitbart claiming that Trump isn’t going to call on us to support him if they try to steal the election – Breitbart seems to be promoting something significantly more malicious. The Breitbart Jews may in fact be trying to discourage people from fighting when Trump calls them to fight, or at least try to create an atmosphere where people are not thinking about fighting.

Here’s the situation:

If people are preparing to fight when Trump calls on them, the Democrats may be much less likely to attempt to steal the election. They are only going to attempt a coup if they think they can win.

If they attempt to steal the election, and Trump calls the people out into the streets, and we win, then they are going to be in a very bad position. After they’ve attempted to overthrow the government and lost, they will be rounded up and face trials for sedition. What’s more, Trump will establish total power, and be able to use force to change the country.

If the Democrats attempt to overthrow the government, we will have to make sure that can’t happen again. The entire country would need to be transformed in the right direction.

We have to establish a right-wing media in this country that isn’t Jewish.