Breastfeeding Protects Mothers from Depression, Each Additional Infant Breastfed Increases Protection, Study Finds

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2019

Women know at some level, deep down, that the reason they were born female is so they can produce babies. Fulfilling their purpose brings them joy and keeps them away from despair, and the effect is strengthened the more babies they make.

Daily Mail:

Women who fed their babies naturally were almost two-thirds less likely to suffer from mental health problems.

And the more children the greater was the effect, an international study found.

The joint American and Korean study looked at mothers now in their 50s and older, who had gone through the menopause.

Yesterday lead author Dr Sangshin Patk of Brown University, America, said: ‘Our study findings indicate that breastfeeding is beneficial, not only to infants’ short-term and long-term health, but also to maternal psychological health.

‘Expectant and new mothers could be informed about the long-term benefits of breastfeeding for their mental health.

‘Depression is not only itself a psychological dysfunction but also an important risk factor for various physical problems.’

The study of more than 1,200 mothers, over 50, asked about their family history, including number of children, how long they were breastfed for in all, and the women’s mental health.

They found that: ‘The risk of depression decreased by 29 per cent for each additional infant breastfed and by 9.3 per cent for each additional year of breastfeeding.

‘Women who breastfed for at least 47 months had 67 per cent decreased risk of depression, compared to those less than 24 months.’

Modern society tells women pregnancy and motherhood are a hindrance to their quest of being “equals” to men. It paints breastfeeding as tedious and unproductive while handing mothers a bottle of soy formula.

The mainstream attitude towards motherhood is misogynistic. Undermining the one thing women were literally born to do is misogynistic. Women suffer, babies suffer, men suffer.

Everyone suffers but the Jews. Attacks on motherhood are attacks on the family. There are no families without mothers, just as there are no families without fathers.

Now science contradicts the mainstream narrative and shows that motherhood is beneficial for everyone, but they’ll twist it as some kind of side effect from the patriarchy.

Women that didn’t have kids are depressed because the patriarchy pressured them to have kids!!! They feel worthless because the patriarchy tells them they’re worthless!!!

You know the truth, though.

Pregnant women naturally store more body fat, to feed the newborn. Breastfeeding’ burns up’ much of this fat, which otherwise might result in diabetes and hypertension.

Developing these metabolic diseases might contribute to depression.

Also hormones released during breastfeeding are believed to play a protective role in controlling weight.

And both the bonding and skin-to-skin contact with the newborn have calming influences on both mother and child.

Breastfeeding lets women burn fat while relaxing with their child. Imagine if those were the effects of a pill.

“Burn fat while feeling relaxed!” pills would sell like crazy. The closest they have available to a pill like that is motherhood and breastfeeding, and they don’t have to pay some laboratory for it.

They can do it from the comfort of their cages.