Breaking: Vandalism Featuring Holy Saint George is… Vandalized!

Damn, that is one ugly heart-diseased drug addict.

From a very young age, I have been bewildered and viscerally repulsed by the deliberate accentuation of the ugliness of things in the modern style.

I once naively assumed it must be unintentional. After all, who would do such a thing on purpose? As I grew, I came to realize that this style is purposefully demoralizing. It is meant to make you believe that the world itself is ugly, so that you feel that you yourself are ugly by extension.

It sure would be a shame if someone… improved it. Heh, heh heh.

CBS Boston:

A heartfelt mural calling for justice for George Floyd was defaced by spray paint in Stoneham. The artist behind the original image, Esben Rey, told WBZ-TV he was inspired by the country coming together to honor Floyd’s life.

“Essentially I painted it because the times – it just broke my heart to see him murdered that way and it just hurt my heart a lot,” said Rey. “So I thought the best way to positively interpret that was to commemorate him and paint a picture of his face.”

That was not the best way to do that. Believe me.

It appears the vandals covered the image in white paint, even tried to scribble out Floyd’s name before taking off. Passersby walking through the I-93 tunnel in Stoneham say the damage is disheartening.

Ahh, yes – a fine choice of color, if I do say so myself.

Mine eyes, they are relieved.

“It was definitely a tribute to a man who deserved a tribute and someone defaced it. It’s disappointing,” said Patti Cameron of Reading.

If they really wanted to do a tribute to George Floyd, they could have done a mural of him smoking meth during one of his porno scenes, with an ECG in the background.

Hard stuff to look at, let me tell you.

With sincerely no hate for the racial element – I guess he really can’t help that – someone would have to explain to me why the life of a meth and fentanyl using amateur pornstar matters.

If that was all the information I had about someone, I would guess that their life did not matter at all, and that in fact, everyone else would probably be better off if they were to die of a heart attack.

Seems like a non-issue, to be honest.