Breaking the ‘Racist!’ Spell of the Multicult Religion

Western Spring
May 31, 2014

Not for much longer.

It has been clear now for all of us whites, and during these elections, since the start of the multicult push, that at the foundation of the acts and polices lie the words.

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was made flesh” or in other words, the philosophy is thought of, then put into words then tools used to make it a religion and further words used to enforce the mind control of the flock.

If there was one word anyone of us Europeans were asked has been the most potent weapon to enforce our destruction, we would all answer in unison, the word “racist”. It has been the one tool which came out in this election in Britain, UKIP usually treated it with the disdain it deserved, but in the last week something very weird happened, did any of you notice it. Sure the media became hysterical, and went into racist-screaming berserk mode. Farage usually seemed unperturbed by the word, which unusually seemed to allow the rest of Britain to fob off it’s power and also disregard it, but then, he buckled, and in the last week, it was as if, what otherwise was water off a duck’s back, and earned him admiration, had him running to address this accusation, all of a sudden, his whole campaign for the last week went into combatting this word “racist”, which in itself gave the whole word the power and magic it has. It diverted the UKIPers into talking mostly about that issue, it had Farage invested into talking only about that and being on the back foot, it once again put the whole Island into religious fanatic and cowering mode, as if the thought-police or witch-hunters from 1984 might burst into their own houses and take away any who may be found to described as this word, racist.

And this is the thing I noted as an Irish Celt, viewing Britain from Ireland, for one brief moment, forget the inappropriateness of UKIP as a nationalist party for a moment, but on another note, the way their campaign was conducted up until the last week, it was as if, the spell of that word, had been broken, there was a massive vibe of relief, I could see and feel it over here. Britons were able to voice and assert their right to protect their ethnicity and ethnic home, without feeling it was wrong, instead feeling like it is the most natural thing in the world, and it is. Then the spell’s power was allowed smother that break for air, and was upon you again, UKIP decided to address this word, giving the issue power, and once again making people come under the 60 years of neo-marxist brainwash and word conditioning, and that is exactly what happened, I could feel Britons going back to feeling guilty, feeling they had to check whether they were a good person or not, perhaps they had to turn themselves in for entertaining the idea they were going to vote UKIP. Anyway the result showed they did, but I could discern a slight blink in the British before the final voting. There is no doubt that after resuming into racism-conditioning mode, they were only given extra reassurance because they saw brown faces amongst UKIP, whereas up to this, this did not have the power to worry them.

So how many of us really know what that word means. I know when I challenge anti-whites to define what they mean by racist, they rarely answer it.

So many UKIP candidates have been accused of racism that the word is now losing its power to silence the opposition, especially as people realise that they agree with the so-called-racists.

Oxford dictionary: The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races:

Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior:

So now we can see why neo-marxists and leftist fanatics rarely like to tell you what racism means, after they have accused you of it to try to shut down argument or shut you down and manipulate on-looker sentiment to their position.

We can see from science that the 1st paragraph of the definition is true and factual, it goes on to say, “especially” to designate an inferiority or superiority of different races.

Now when whites discuss differences in races, they are not always doing so expressly to discuss superiority etc, sometimes it is quite normal to discuss difference. One can express the difference between races while not meaning that one hates other races. One can say a mentally retarded person has lower IQ while not disrespecting or not being able to love that person. Sometimes I personally find people who are less intelligent far better and nicer people than more intelligent people, usually what is really important is loyalty and reliability, and that is found independent of intelligence. But you get the point about talking about difference not implying race hatred.

So this is the first point about being accused of racism, speaking about differences does not imply inferiority or superiority.

But let us say we were talking about superiority and inferiority, there again, no hatred is implied, if we have empirical evidence, which there is for IQ and other racial characteristics, then stating such, is again, not implying one hates or intends harm to another person on account of their race.

And here is where we get to the race-carders next point. If we state the facts there is a difference, or a superiority/inferiority, then by definition that is racism.

But the race-carders bring it a little further, they say that expressing a preference, is racist. In expressing that you want to protect your own British or Irish ethnic group, you are expressing a preference, over people who are not ethnically British and that therefore is an expression of finding one group inferior/superior to another, therefore that is racist. So goes their accusation and claim……….and they are correct, that is racist.

The point here is, examining the word racism, we see that it is in fact a con-word.

It was never meant to be anything else.

Every ethnic people have come through time and exist today precisely because they have resisted, fought and survived the battles for territory that ensure their existence. Sure there have been invasions and some assimilations of other western European folk, but these were invasions, resisted by the natives, and also the peoples were of the similar western European blood or DNA and culture/mindset. But the different European peoples largely remained who they are up to today. But I do not want to get into that, it is a separate issue.

The main point is, the Irish, the British are separate, similar but unique long-standing ethnicities on these islands, and our ancestors fought for their ethnic people and culture, they fought for territory, which became their ethnic territory and so that struggle continued, a natural claim to a territory, lose that and they lose their ability to be the people they came from and whom they want their children to be as well as their unique way of expressing themselves in this life. In other words, the time old phenomenon of protecting your ethnic group and home, is what today is called “racism.”

So, when they say we are racist, they are correct, it is a good thing, it was never a bad thing, until, some people realised that they wanted to stop a certain people protecting themselves, which by definition means you must stop them defending their ethnic home, their territory. So define a philosophy, gather the words you need to label your enemies, over years of soft indoctrination in their schools and academies and institutions, get them to have low self esteem, feelings of guilt, engendered by supposed wrongdoings of how they treated other human beings, thus they do not have the moral high ground.

Donna Edmonds was attacked for being racist, but what she was talking about is just basic freedom of association.

Thus a religion is made, have no doubt folks, this is what we are dealing with, a religion. You have your sin, your guilt-ridden populace, your high-priests, the ideas and conformists who by upholding the tenets of the new religion are seen as the uppers of society, it is the same religious snobbery conducted by the old churches both here and in Britain, with the look-down the nose adherents, and the staunch proponents usually being the social status aware middle class. Today after the bankruptcy of the CoE and Roman Catholicism, the people have sought something that they want to make them feel good boys and girls, or to adopt something that is status elevating, enter multicult.

So at the root of it all, we really have to deconstruct the word “racist” and challenge people when they throw that at us, it must be destroyed for the con-word that it is, shown how protecting one’s ethnic group, the culture they created is normal and healthy and our right as also stated in the UN charter of genocide, and how these people support this very right of non-whites to protect their ethnicities.

We must deconstruct the religion of multicult, showing how it is not respectable, not moral, does not give a moral high ground, and in fact the middle class are displaying a hypocrisy by simply swopping one form of empty church of England/Roman Catholic piety/snobbery (they were religionists without knowing the true Christian spirit, same as Roman Catholics), and they have narrow-mindedly swapped one empty snobbery for another, this time they wallow in how humanitarian they are while not really giving a damn about real poverty either here or in the 3rd word.

They attach themselves like limpets to multicult precisely because it has the mechanism or psychological pathology of a religion, it must be dismantled, destroyed and deconstructed, in every word, sentence and conversation you have online or in person, but you must first know what you are dealing with, and the real meaning of the words labelled against you. How many of you knew that indeed you are racists, the real issue is to know and show, that racism is not wrong. We are not race-haters or hate-ists. The people who have lied, deceived and tried to manipulate the populace so that whites are not allowed protect their ethnic groups and ethnic homes, are the real hate-ists.

UKIP adverts campaign 2
Race-Baiters took out a poll hoping to see UKIP’s anti-immigration posters rejected as being racist, however the majority thought they were accurate and supported the message.