BREAKING: Prince Andrew Revealed to be Foot Fetishist…!

Yeah, it’s important that the Mossad was running a blackmail ring in America with the backing of the FBI. But let’s put that aside for a minute and talk about the exciting adventures of Prince Loli Toe-Sucker.

We’ve got some big time important news related to the Mossad sex trafficking blackmail ring run by Jews Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell coming in straight off the wire.

Get this: Prince Andrew is a foot fetishist…!

If you ever wondered what was behind those stone-cold eyes of his, now you know: it was dreams of licking sweet toes…!

He might have broken sweat glands that make him unable to sweat, but he’s got a perfectly working tongue for licking toes…!

New York Post:

Jeffrey Epstein “sex slave” Virginia Giuffre allegedly spent two days alone with Prince Andrew at the financier’s ranch, “endlessly’’ catering to every need of the royal — who especially enjoyed licking between her toes.

The claims were made in a manuscript that the Epstein accuser wrote about her alleged abuse at the hands of the late multimillionaire, his accused madam Ghislaine Maxwell and rich and powerful men including the prince — part of a trove of court documents released last week amid Maxwell’s battle against sex-trafficking-related charges in Manhattan.

Giuffre wrote in her book proposal — titled “The Billionaire Playboy’s Club’’ — that it was hard for her to stomach some of the men’s bizarre sexual preferences.

“It wasn’t easy meeting the sexual desires of these strange men, the Prince being one of them,” she claimed, according to the Daily Mail.

Giuffre has alleged she had sex three separate times with the prince — essentially pimped out to him by Epstein and Maxwell — a claim the royal has vigorously denied.

“He loved my feet and even licked in between my toes,’’ Giuffre wrote of the prince. But “there was the lack of passion in the intimacy we shared, to him I was just another girl, and to me, he was just another job.’’

Yeah, that is typically how it works between a hooker and a john. There is romance, but it is manufactured romance. That is because the girl is being paid cash to pretend to be a man’s girlfriend, when in actuality, she isn’t really his girlfriend.

Giuffre wrote that Maxwell sent her alone to Epstein’s sprawling Zorro ranch in 2001, when she was around 17 or 18, to meet the Duke of York, whom she had already allegedly had sex with at least once in London. He would have been around 41 at the time.

Hold on, let me get out my Googles here real quick…

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

The now-36-year-old mom of three said she wasn’t told which of Epstein’s buddies would be there to greet her.

She said Andrew met her with “Hello” — and “that same old cheesy grin.

“What a sight,” Giuffre wrote.

“He wrapped his arms around my waist and greeted me like an old friend. I hugged him back, rolling my eyes at the same time, already dreading what lay in store over the next couple of days.

“My job was to entertain him endlessly, whether that meant having to bestow him my body during an erotic massage or simply take him horseback riding.”

She said she felt disgusted afterward — although she was paid handsomely by Epstein for the visit, nearly $1,000.

She said she then flew back to New York to meet up with Epstein and Maxwell.

“So … how was the ranch with the Prince?” Maxwell asked, according to Giuffre in the manuscript.

Giuffre replied, “I took him horseback riding, nowhere too far around the property, um … we went swimming in the pool, and of course I gave him plenty of massages. He had a massage at least a couple times each day, really seeming to enjoy his time there.

“I think he had a really good time, he seemed relaxed during the trip, and when we said goodbye to each other, he gave me a kiss,’’ she said she told the pair.

Giuffre said she could see she was telling Epstein and Maxwell “what they wanted to hear’’ but that she felt “disgusted about the whole thing,’’ the Mail said.

Well, I’m sure she feels disgusted now that she can’t run around having sex with princes because she’s old and fat.

Sorry, I absolutely do not believe that a teenage prostitute felt disgusted about having sex with a prince at the time. I simply do not believe this. If it did disgust her, then why didn’t she quit? None of these girls were held captive by Epstein.

Whatever the case, I’m sorry, but the emotions of this prostitute are not something that is important to this story of the Jewish Mossad running a blackmail ring in the United States and being protected by the FBI while doing it.

“Like two proud parents they both looked over me with such content. ‘Good, you did really well,’ Jeffrey complimented me,” Giuffre said.

She wrote that then, “We all ventured up to Jeffrey’s office and out came the infamous duffel bag that went wherever he did,’’ according to the Mail.

“I was given close to a thousand dollars for my time in Santa Fe, more than what I thought anybody at my young age could make for a couple days of work,” she wrote.

Yes, prostitution is really profitable in relation to what young girls are able to make doing other jobs. That is one of the reasons it has always been such a popular profession for young girls. The fact that it is profitable, however, is probably secondary to the fact that it is exciting for young girls to have sex with a huge number of men, often men who have a status much higher than the ones they would otherwise be meeting, and to also have the excuse that they are “powerless” to avoid being involved in these sexual actions.

Most hookers enjoy their time as a hooker, and then as their looks disappear, they move on into a different phase of their life. This woman Giuffre, however, is using the bitterness of her old age as a weapon.

On one level, it’s good that she’s doing this, because it is helping get this story of Jeffrey Epstein out into the public. However, on another level, the fact that she is becoming the story – that her emotions regarding her work as a prostitute are the most important angle for the media – is burying the aspects of the story that actually matter.

It is absolutely bizarre to me that the automatic angle on the story of a Jewish operative using sex to create blackmail files on powerful men in America is “oh my God, the poor hookers!”

When in all of history have hookers been looked at as victims? All throughout the history that I am aware of, it was understood that women who get involved in prostitution are women of low character, that they get their 40 pieces of silver in exchange for their pound of flesh, and that they are never deserving of pity, even if they are viewed as above contempt.

Right now, right in front of your very eyes in virtually every story published about this topic, the actual thing of interest, which is the Mossad blackmail ring angle of the story, is being buried in favor of talking about the innocence of the poor hookers.

It is in fact amazing that the West is so obsessed with white knighting that this trick can happen right in front of their eyes, and they don’t even notice it. The masses simply say, “well, of course the most important aspect of this story is the wellbeing of the hookers…! This one had to have her toes licked by a prince! Can you imagine the trauma she must have felt???”