Breaking News: Judea Declares War on Tennessee Hat Shop

This is going to shock you, but Jews are really mad about people comparing the vaxx campaign to the so-called Jewish Holocaust.


A hat shop in the US state of Tennessee was hit with backlash on Saturday, one day after promoting a yellow star patch like those worn by Jews in Nazi-era Germany, labeled “not vaccinated.”

It was the latest skirmish in the culture war surrounding Covid vaccination in the United States, which has suffered the highest death toll of any country in the pandemic.

Iconic American hatmaker Stetson said Saturday it would no longer do business with the Nashville shop HatWRKS, which was excoriated on social media and targeted by protesters.

On Friday, HatWRKS shared on its Instagram account a now-deleted photo announcing the arrival of the $5 patches. It showed a woman, reportedly the business owner, wearing a yellow Star of David with the message “not vaccinated” on her black T-shirt.

“Your Nazi star badges are perhaps the most offensive, anti-Semitic thing I’ve ever seen,” one user posted on the business’s Facebook page, summing up the social media outcry in response to the post, while others used the hashtag #HATEWORKS.

In a country that wasn’t a joke with a media totally controlled by Jews, the headline would be: “Iconic Hatmaker Stetson Bows to Jewish Lobby.”

Stetson’s quick response and public denouncement of a random shop shows the unbelievable power of the Jewish Lobby, and is really actually interesting. Boomers comparing the vaxx to the Holocaust is not especially interesting, as boomers compare everything to the Holocaust, which they are taught (and believe) was the worst event ever in history.

In actuality, fake shower room gas chambers didn’t happen. This “Holocaust” was invented as propaganda to justify the war (think Kuwaiti incubator babies or Iraqi weapons of mass destruction). The Holocaust fable continued after the war as a way for the Jews to justify the creation of Israel and then to funnel money to the Jewish state. It was also used to transform Christianity into a religion of Jew-worship.

The ironic thing about all of this is that white baby boomers – i.e., this hat shop – are the only people who still believe in/care about the Holocaust.

Modern diverse Americans don’t care about the Holocaust and probably don’t know what it is, and younger white people on the internet know it’s a hoax and/or hate the Jews because of abuses of Palestinians.

So Jews making this grand point to attack the only people who still care about their gas chamber hoax should be counterintuitive. They have done the same thing recently attacking Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is literally the most vocal Israel supporter in Congress.

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In order to understand it, you have to understand that the Jews are just really hateful people in general. This whole thing where they claim that other people are “haters” really is projection. “Hate” stems from anger, which is a feminine emotion, and Jews are an embodiment of the female spirit. The people the Jews call “haters” are typically people who are just looking at the facts of the situation logically, frowning, and saying “look, man, we gotta do something about these Jews.”

If people do eventually say “the Jews should just be killed,” it’s not because they hate them, it’s just that they have not been able to find a different logical solution to the problem of Jewish behavior.

(Note that I disagree with Martin Luther and do not think Jews should be subjected to genocide – I am simply noting that this is one position on the issue, and has been for hundreds of years.)

Jews falsely claim that people “hate them for no reason,” when in fact people simply want to get rid of them due to their behavior. One of these behaviors is that they use their incredible institutional power to destroy anyone who says anything they don’t like. Their decision to use boycotts and blacklists to simply crush people who make statements they don’t approve of is counter to the European way of doing business and running a society generally. In general, Western civilization has functioned on a platform of open and candid discussion, something which the Jews do not tolerate.

If you say: “I don’t agree with the Jews using their lobbying power to destroy this hat store,” you will be called a “Jew hater.” They will claim that you “hate Jews for no reason,” despite the fact you are simply expressing an opinion on Jewish behavior.

Antifa has already sent their Jewboys to protest the hat store.

However, it is the Jews who have told us this is the most important event that ever happened in all of history, so they shouldn’t be surprised when people compare things to it.

The hat store has posted a standard weird boomer message in response to the hate on Instagram.

If Stetson is boycotting, other hatmakers probably are too, and this business with probably go out of business.

Maybe that will finally teach the goyim not to compare themselves and their suffering to the suffering of God’s chosen?