Breaking News: All Blacks Plan to Vote Trump, Big Win, Awesome Deal

President Trump has an ad up on his Twitter about how all of the blacks are planning to vote for him, and frankly, this is ridiculous.

Frankly, I actually believe that Trump did do lowest black unemployment and so on. Probably, he is good for black people.

But what he is doing is combining that with saying he let all these criminal blacks out of prison, and acting like black people like having criminals loose on the streets. That’s a Jared Kushner deal. Good blacks are the number one people affected by releasing all of these crack dealers. He keeps attacking Joe Biden for his crime bill, but virtually everyone supports that crime bill. In particular, law-abiding blacks support it.

So, it’s really a total mess.

I do think that Trump will have the highest black vote probably of any Republican, but that means like, 20% of the blacks that bother to vote, which is a minuscule percentage of the total population.

Trump should be running ads about how Joe Biden is planning to stack the court. He should be running ads about this Russia hoax (maybe). He should be running ads about trannies and Somalians and fat women.

This whole black thing is either going to happen or it’s not; it’s not going to be related to an ad campaign.

If he was going to do a black ad campaign, it should have just been Kanye West, because white people like Kanye as much as the blacks.

Or, he could do the thing where Kamala Harris locked up all these blacks for weed.

That is different than Joe’s crime bill, and that actually is completely insane. This bitch was lockin’ niggas up for a joint, on an industrial scale, to pack her convictions rate.

It’s just disgusting that she’s now out there saying “kill cops” and whatever other shit she is saying. Literally the opposite of her entire career.