BREAKING! Kathy Griffin Provides Yet More Proof of NPC Theory’s Validity

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2018

This is real.

Kathy actually responded to an NPC-post.

The rest of the thread is absolute gold. 

Highlights include the Russian bot meme:

No really. I had no idea that this liberal retort was so prevalent.

Of course, they don’t actually mean that the people they’re talking to are bots.

“Russian bot” is just one of the many ways the NPCs say, “bad person.”

It is no different from “Nazi” really. 

“Russian bot” also has the added benefit of Western NPCs basically being conditioned to hate Russians for the war that’s coming.

More thread gold:

Despite the Twitter purge and ban, this NPC meme still has some juice in it.

Amazingly, the liberals on Twitter try to dance around the NPC “bots.”

They don’t try to engage them. They don’t try to debate them. They just ignore and hope that the Twitter mods will censor the NPC posters.

This sums up the liberal mentality quite well, actually. 

Faced with a scathing critique and parody of their ways, they completely shut down and literally can’t even.

It’s also funny to note how NPCs can’t tell when a Soul-Bearer or carrier of the internal voice is mocking them.

They’re so used to clapping in unison like seals to given prompts like #orangeman #racist #resist that the NPC-posting seems like yet more of the same.

Really fascinating stuff. 

The one thing that the libs and Jews have gotten right is that the meme is indeed dehumanizing. In other words, it makes those with the Internal Thu’um question the right of the non-voice bearers to rule over the lands of men. 

Should not Voice-Bearers rule the world, instead of the inferior Mind-Mutes?

A council must be called in virtual Hrothgar. 

Perhaps it is time for the carriers of the internal word to finally throw off the shackles that bind them, and take power back in this world…

What state of affairs is this when we, the playable heroes, are ruled over by NPCs?

What black sorcery is this? How did this state of affairs come to pass? Perhaps it was Jew–Thalmar or Daedric black magic that put the NPCs in charge…

It is too soon to say just yet.

But one thing is for certain: the Word-Bearer Insurrection is coming…