Breaking: French Cops Got in a Tussle with a Brown Person

You might think the cops are cool because they beat up brown people.

But they will also beat you up for not wearing a mask.

Maybe, some people join the police just because they like beating people up.

The Guardian:

Three French police officers have been suspended after they were filmed beating and allegedly racially abusing a music producer in his Paris studio.

An official inquiry has been opened – the third such investigation in a week – into the officers’ behaviour. The latest incident comes after MPs in the French parliament voted to approve a new law increasing police powers.

The victim, identified only by his first name, Michel, was returning to his music studio in Paris’s 17th arrondissement last Saturday evening when police spotted he was not wearing a mask. Three officers, two in uniform and one in plain clothes, allegedly jumped from their car and pushed Michel through the front door of his property.

“Before I heard a word, I felt a hand pushing or pulling me, I didn’t know which. I didn’t know what was happening. I was shouting out for help,” Michel, the director of Black Gold Corp Studios, told the news website Loopsider.

The film shows police punching and kicking him, and hitting him over the head and body with a truncheon. As well as the physical blows, Michel, who said he was taken so much by surprise he was not even sure they were real police officers, said he was subjected to racist insults.

“I heard “dirty n****r. I heard it several times. They were hitting me with their truncheons. Over and over again,” he said.

After calling out for help to colleagues on a lower floor, and with blood pouring from his head, Michel and the others managed to push the three officers out of the front door.

The police then smashed a window and threw a teargas canister inside the property. After calling for reinforcements, they demanded Michel and the others came out, at gunpoint.

“I was afraid. I thought it was my last day … I kept saying, ‘I haven’t done anything’, and they kept shouting for me to get down on the ground.”

Once outside, police officers continued to beat Michel and the others.

“Suddenly someone shouted, ‘camera, camera’. It was someone filming from a window. As soon as the police heard this they stopped hitting us,” said one of the victims.

Michel was taken to the nearby police station and accused of insulting police and attempting to grab one of their guns.

Yeah, I mean – maybe he reached for the gun, maybe the police made it up. Who knows. Brown people and cops seem to have some kind of ongoing thing with each other. Both groups are prone to violence, and kind of deserve one another.

I don’t think this dynamic they have with one another should be spilling over into white society, however. And that is exactly what we are looking at with this coronavirus police state situation.