BREAKING: CNN Hates the Kikes!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2019

I need to reexamine my lack of trust in CNN. It looks like they might have some good ideas after all.

An editor has just resigned for planning to gas the sickening kikes like insects.

Great stuff.

The kikes themselves tracked down these posts and attacked them.

It’s funny. CNN hunts down and doxes people for their internet posts. But now they’ve got other kikes hunting them down – only in this case, the CNN individual literally did nothing wrong.

Except his grammar. His grammar is very wrong, especially for someone working at an American news outlet.

CNN had previously tried to hold out and not fire the hate figure Mohammed – no doubt fearing that it would be racist.

Of course, it was racist for CNN to fire this Islamic individual – hatred for kikes is a part of his unique cultural identity. The best part, in fact.

After the harassment by the kikes and the shill Mike Cernovich, the CNN kike-hater hid his posts.

It’s somewhat incredible that CNN is still able to make the claim that Jews are higher on the progressive stack than Moslems who are getting slaughtered by Jews in Palestine.

Every time this happens, I am always shocked.

How is it possible that the richest and most influential people on earth can also be framed as the most oppressed?

Is it because they themselves invented the Oppression Olympics?