Brazil’s President Says He Ignores WHO’s Coronavirus Guidelines Because WHO Encourages Kids to Masturbate

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is publicly exposing the WHO tribe as a bunch of perverts.

Daily Mail:

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro declared on social media he refuses to follow directives on social distancing from the World Health Organisation, because it promotes ‘masturbation’ in children under four.

In a bizarre Facebook post, which has been subsequently removed from his profile page on the social media platform, Bolsonaro cited an obscure guide about sex education to question the WHO’s authority on coronavirus.

Bolsonaro, 65, ranted online about the WHO’s alleged recommendation children under four derive ‘satisfaction and pleasure upon touching their own body *masturbation*’.

Bolsonaro knows that masturbation is harmful.

He used this and other tenuous references to make his case the global agency is in no position to direct him on the best way to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The Brazilian President has been in the public eye constantly for his criticism of social distancing and isolation measures prescribed by the WHO as an effective means to limit the contagion.

On his official Facebook page, Bolsonaro wrote: ‘This is the World Health Organization (WHO) who many say I must follow in the coronavirus case.

Should we also follow their guidelines for educational policies too?: For children from 0 to 4 years of age: Satisfaction and pleasure upon touching their own body, *masturbation*.

‘Expressing their needs and desire, for example, in the context of “playing doctor”. Children have sexual feelings in their early infancy.’

He went on to say that the WHO said of children aged four to six ‘have a positive gender identity. Enjoyment and pleasure upon touching their own body; masturbation in early childhood.’

Bolsonaro added in his Facebook post young people aged nine to 12 ‘have their first sexual experience,’ according to his reading of WHO guidance.

Bolsonaro was in fact citing a 2010 guide by the Federal Centre for Health Education with the European arm of the WHO.

The text Bolsonaro referenced is designed to help parents to educate their children who between two and four are becoming curious about their own bodies and noticing their difference to others.

As they are curious they begin to touch their sexual organs and want to show them to other children or adults, according to the WHO.

The guide does not however tell parents they should encourage their children, but rather speak to them about this phase in their young lives, reassuring them that ‘liking physical contact is common’ and normal.

Here’s a link to what Bolsonaro appears to be referencing.

Pointing out that the WHO issues guidelines that are stupid, degenerate, and contrary to what most people want in an attempt to discredit the WHO’s coronavirus guidelines is a fair move.

After all, the WHO itself is discrediting its own guidelines after praising Sweden’s response to the alleged pandemic, which is pretty much the opposite of what the WHO advised up until a few days ago. Sweden refused to adopt the lockdown strategy, and now they’re about to reach herd immunity because of it.

But moving past the coronavirus issue though, what’s up with the WHO wanting kids to masturbate? Telling kids that masturbation feels good and that it is an acceptable activity is pretty much the same as telling them to go do it.

It’s like showing some kid a chocolate cake, telling him that it is a magical and delicious chocolate cake that’s going to reappear every time he finishes eating it, and expecting the kid not to try the cake.

With the exception that the magical chocolate cake takes a bite off from the kid’s soul every time the kid bites the cake.