Brazil’s Bolsonaro Reveals Plan to Bring Down Venezuela by Instigating Military Coup

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2019

Basically, the Venezuela situation is white people vs. brown people, and Maduro is the leader of the brown people.

The white people would be happy to send their entire brown person population to the US. And the Jews of the US would be happy to have them.


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is not making a secret of his plan to bring down Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, saying in an interview that he and Washington pin their hopes on a military coup instigated from the outside.

Speaking to Jovem Pan radio on Monday, the right-wing Brazilian leader, who has never hidden his deep animosity towards his Venezuelan counterpart, implied that, while not intervening outright, both the US and Brazil are working behind the scenes to lay out the grounds for a military revolt that would bring down Maduro.

“It is our intention and that of the Americans that there is a rift in the army, because it is they who still support Maduro. It is the armed forces that decide whether a country lives in a democracy or in a dictatorship,” Bolsonaro said, adding that he does not see any future for Venezuela in its present state.

“What you cannot do is to continue as you are,” he said.

The US, which was the first to recognize the self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido as the legitimate representative of the Venezuelan people, has been using arm-twisting tactics against Caracas, choking the Venezuelan economy with new debilitating sanctions in a bid to force Maduro out of power. US officials, including US President Donald Trump, have repeatedly claimed that they would keep “all options” on the table, not ruling out a military intervention in the Latin American country.

In an interview on Monday, Bolsonaro appeared to say that he might single-handedly decide if Brazil needs to join a potential US-led military incursion against the Maduro government.

“What can Brazil do? Suppose there is a military invasion there [from the United States]. The decision will be mine, but I will listen to the National Defense Council and then the Parliament,” Bolsonaro pledged.

The fact that we are now openly talking about a military invasion is extremely concerning.

But Maduro swatted away all of the dirty tricks, so that is quite clearly the only option left on the table.

The plan to disrupt the military that Bolsonaro is promoting has basically already failed.

Trump is surrounded by neocons, and he might just decide to do this ahead of the 2020 election. That is definitely why it hasn’t happened yet. He thinks maybe it would be good for his reelection bid, apparently, because that is what Pompeo, Bolton and Abrams are telling him.

Why is it that we can’t simply turn neocon warmongering on Mexico?

This is a country that is literally invading us.

Why don’t we do strikes on Mexico City, and send in a ground force to push back the Mexican incursion?

The neocons just really like war, right?

Why does it matter who it is against?

Why can’t it be against actual enemy countries?