Brazilian Supreme Court Rules That Coronavirus Vaccine Can be Mandatory

Vaccine mania is sweeping the globe.

Even as pressure from the governments of the West on their own populations ratchets up, these populations are becoming more skeptical, nervous and resistant.

Only a tiny minority of government-loving leftist sycophants is excited about the shot. These people are a fringe group, which is effectively a cult. Among normal people, the vaccine is at best viewed as rushed, experimental and unnecessary, and at worst viewed as part of a globalist conspiracy against the people.

Brazil just became the first country to really kick it up a notch.


Brazil’s Supreme Court says coronavirus vaccination can be made mandatory, delivering a blow to the nation’s nascent anti-vaccine movement.

However, the court also says Brazilians may not be vaccinated against their will. A court statement says Thursday’s ruling does pave the way for state and municipal governments to approve laws imposing fines or restrictive measures for anyone refusing to take a vaccine.

President Jair Bolsonaro has repeatedly said he will not take any vaccine and opposes mandatory immunization. He has also sown skepticism about potential side effects.

Opinion polls have indicated a growing resistance to vaccination, with about one-fifth of Brazilians surveyed by pollster Datafolha this month saying they don’t intend to get a shot. That is more than double the percentage four months earlier.

The government has yet to demand that the people take the shot; the court is simply ruling that they have a right to make that demand.

The current Constitution of Brazil is largely inspired by the US Constitution. You may remember that the Jewish villain Alan Dershowitz said back in May that the US government has the right, in the Constitution, to forcibly inject people with a vaccine.

I have not familiarized myself with the legal arguments involved, but Dershowitz is a formidable Jew, and it’s likely that he has an argument that the Supreme Court would accept.

Brazil is saying that people have a right to refuse, technically, but that they can then be deprived of their rights.

This is all getting very weird, very fast, and the harder they push this, the more I am convinced that there is indeed some kind of conspiracy at work, and that the vaccine is part of a long term agenda to genetically modify the world’s population.

However, whilst my suspicions are getting stronger, I want to point out that I have no precise evidence to support that suspicion.

What we know is this:

  • The government does not care about our health (see: obesity crisis, refusal to regulate the food industry, refusal to properly regulate the drug industry, plastics, mass drug abuse and overdose deaths, history of dangerous vaccines)
  • The coronavirus is not more dangerous than the flu
  • The governments of the West are using the fake crisis of coronavirus to transfer massive wealth from the people to the elite billionaire class
  • The vaccine involves a new form of gene therapy, using synthetic mRNA to give instructions to your genes
  • Gene therapy is developing rapidly, and scientists claim that in the future, you will be able to alter your genetics to make yourself smarter, stronger and better looking (it of course follows that the opposite could also be done)
  • The government is saying that this shot is only the first of many, and they will be instructing people to install apps which will alert them when it is time to go get more vaccines

It looks to me that the government is actually rolling out a long term agenda to genetically modify the population.

However, along with using the crisis to bankrupt the middle class and coerce people into vaccination, the government is also using it to deprive the masses of people of their rights and basic human dignity. Therefore, the push for the vaccine could conceivably be primarily about humiliating people and removing their bodily autonomy.

If the government forces you to inject yourself with a substance against your will – whether they actually do it by law, or whether they do it by making life hell for anyone who refuses – you’ve been fully dehumanized, your pride in yourself has been taken from you, you’ve effectively been forced to recognize that you are a slave without the free will ability to make your own choices about the direction of your life.

These people are violating the most basic preschool lessons about stranger danger.

There are various forms of governmental overreach, but stripping someone of bodily autonomy is going to be the single most extreme conceivable violation of freedom. So it could be that the suspicions about a long-term genetic modification program are wrong, and this is simply about more basic, primitive control over the people.

Whatever the case, we do not know, because we’re not allowed to talk about it. Everyone who asks questions is shouted down, they are censored, they are demonized. The government is providing us with virtually no information about what is going on, so we are left to speculate. In this kind of situation, it is easy to go too far, so we should always make a point to remain grounded, and question our own theories about what is happening.

That said, we are going to have to rely on speculation about what is going on, simply due to the total lack of information that the government is choosing to provide us with. This is going to become a constant, where the government operates as a black box, refusing to give any explanation of what they are doing or what their end game is. This will happen as they crank up the censorship to 9000, and the media becomes even more of a joke than it already is.

So we are going to need to do something which I have been fundamentally opposed to my entire career, and begin to rely on speculation. I have always said that we need to rely on the facts, but if there aren’t any facts, then we cannot rely on them.

With regards to the upcoming censorship: I hope that this site will be able to stay online on the regular internet, but if it is, then American and European ISPs will just begin blocking it. (It’s a private company, goy, it can block access to anything it wants – that’s what the free market is all about.) So you need to save the Darknet address.


Frankly, you should write it down on a piece of paper. Write it down on several pieces of paper. Put it in different places, where you know you will be able to find it if you need it.

The site can be accessed using either Tor Browser or Brave Browser (“New private window with Tor”). I would say that you should all start visiting that address as a matter of routine (if you’re not already) in order to get into the habit.