Brazilian Pastor Prays for God to Destroy Jews Like Vermin

I wish we had pastors in America addressing the Jewish problem.

It is truly insane that Christians would be worshiping the people who killed our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Jews still have not answered for that crime, by the way.


A Brazilian pastor prayed to God to “destroy the Jews like vermin” and bring about a second Holocaust during a sermon in Rio de Janeiro.

“Massacre the Jews, God, hit them with your sword, for they have left God, they have left the nations,” Pastor Tupirani da Hora Lores shouted at dozens of congregants earlier this month at his Geracao Jesus Cristo church, a recording of the event shows. His congregants are heard repeating his words passionately.

“They contrived, went with prostitutes, and when they were told to repent they said they’d do it but they lied,” the pastor said, possibly in reference to the forced conversions to Christianity during the Inquisition.

“God, what you have done in World War II, you must do again, this is what we ask for in our prayers to you: Justice, justice, justice!” da Hora Lores shouted at his church, a small and radical evangelical congregation.

The article goes on to say that the Jews of Brazil are filing a lawsuit against the pastor for criticizing them, which is apparently a crime in Brazil, as it is in many countries.

What is actually amazing is that the Jews make some random pastor in a third world country with “dozens” of congregants international news. They do this because they want the full force of international Jewish power to come down on him. Because they cannot tolerate anyone, anywhere questioning them.

Because once people start questioning them, it can easily spin out of control. More people can say, “yeah, you’re right – why is every single institution of power controlled by this same extremely wealthy minority, which openly expresses hatred for Christianity, and a desire to destroy our civilization?”

It’s a very good question, and it’s a very obvious question. The “Jewish conspiracy” isn’t hidden. Anyone can see it. It’s right there, in front of all of us – all of these institutions of power are totally controlled by Jews, and they openly use them to harm white Christian civilization.

Remember: criticizing Jews is still not technically illegal in America. They will get you fired from you job, they will censor you, they will send thugs to attack you in the streets. But it is still technically legal.

We should use that while we can, because it’s definitely not going to last very much longer.