Brazilian Jungle Love Story: 12-Year-Old Boy Befriends Autistic 9-Year-Old Girl — You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2019

Stories like this really show the true power of love and the beauty of the jungle.

Daily Mail:

A 12-year-old Brazilian boy has allegedly confessed to the shocking killing of a nine-year-old autistic girl, found strangled in a wood with signs of sexual abuse.

Raíssa Caparelli went missing last Sunday afternoon from a local charity event, which she was attending with her family, at the Unified Educational Centre (CEU) in Anhanguera, a suburb in São Paulo.

Her body was discovered roughly two-and-a-half miles away from the festival, bound by a rope to a tree in the city’s municipal park.

Investigators said part of a cord was wrapped around her neck but they do not believe she was hanged as her bare feet were ‘flat on the ground’.

Her distraught mother, Rosevânia, told Brazilian Record TV: ‘This tragedy has ripped my heart out. 

‘Raíssa was a sweet, docile child. Because of her autism she was scared and timid and did not relate well to strangers.’


Raíssa and the killer

Details released by police indicated that the child was conscious throughout the vicious assault which left her face covered in blood.

Chief superintendent Eduardo Marturano of the São Paulo police department for child crime (DHPP) said: ‘The injuries to her face were so severe it was difficult to even identify her.’

The victim also suffered brutal injuries to her shoulders and deep wounds to her body and legs.

No weapons were found at the crime scene but forensics suspect a piece of wood, possibly a branch from a tree, was used to repeatedly batter the victim, which possibly contributed to her death.

According to investigators, the possible cause of death is asphyxiation. However, confirmation will only be possible after the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML) releases its report within the next couple of weeks.

The body has already been examined for sexual abuse as her injuries were found to be similar to the suspected level of violence used, but police have not confirmed this and are waiting for a forensic report to be completed.

Security cameras outside Anhanguera Park caught the last moments of the unsuspecting child, who was wearing a pink outfit, crossing a road and walking hand in hand with the accused around 12:30pm.

In his statement, the suspect claimed he was ‘just walking’ with the victim. They were said to be friends who lived on the same street, played together and studied at the same school.

Cops revealed that the schoolboy’s mother took him to the police station on Monday after he confessed to committing the crime in front of relatives.

He apparently gave details of how he killed her and claimed he ‘hit her legs and her face, then tied her up while she was still conscious and continued to beat her’.

Police chief Marturano corroborated this statement, adding: ‘We believe the accused started assaulting Raíssa before reaching the tree. First he hit her and then used a branch. We are still searching for the branch.’

Violence is who they are. It is inexplicable how after hearing and reading about what these brown jungle apes do in their countries, people aren’t rioting and demanding the wall be built.

In a statement to police, Rosevânia, said she took her daughter and her younger son to the party at CEU around 12 noon on Sunday. The place was full of children.

At one point, the mother left Raíssa queuing with the boy for a turn on a trampoline while she went to get popcorn with her son.

When she returned, her daughter had disappeared. A hunt was immediately launched by festival organisers and concerned visitors.

The devastated mum said: ‘Over the last few weeks my daughter had become friends with the boy. We live less than a hundred metres away on the same street.

She was very close to me and would hardly leave my side, but in recent days she had grown confident enough to play with the [schoolboy] outside.

Last month, because he seemed to be encouraging my child to become more sociable, I took him to a church service with her as a treat.’

The victim’s aunt, Rosmari, said: ‘Raíssa had been attending a support centre for her autism for the past year.

‘She was an introvert and she couldn’t communicate well. It was difficult for her to trust people and she was very withdrawn.

‘But when she felt good she spoke. With the educational intervention her behaviour had begun to improve and she was becoming more trusting and talkative.’

That’s the thing with browns. They may seem friendly, they may even help you out, they may look harmless… but you never know when they’ll go full Apocalypto.

Jungle demons getting into America is an everyday thing. There’s nothing stopping them, and plenty of incentives tempting them.

Once their numbers are high enough…