Brazil: (Single?) Mother Encourages Her 4-Year-Old Daughter to Touch Naked Pervert for “Art”

Daily Stormer
October 3, 2017

Anybody who thinks this is art should have his throat slit from ear to ear

So this disgusting retard, Wagner Schwartz, strips naked and lets people move him around, and calls it art. And for some reason – other “people” call it art too. And then when a disgusting whore lets her 4-year-old girl play with the sick freak, the same “people” defend it.

And we live in a world where these “people” can do and say these things without being immediately rounded up and turned into a little forest of impaled corpses… Think about it.


Footage showing a four-year-old child being encouraged to touch a naked man’s body for a performance art stunt has sparked outrage in Brazil.

The young girl crawls around the man at the Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art (MAM), in Brazil, as he lies on his back surrounded by other people looking on.

Her mother actively encourages her to touch the feet, legs and hand of artist Wagner Schwartz as he performs his ‘La Bete’ stunt.

The fact that anyone even thinks this idiocy is art aside – how is this legal? How is taking children(this bitch wasn’t the only one) to something like this not child abuse?

The freak, the bitch and the little girl

In the entire article, there is no mention of a father – SHOCK!

The bosses behind the work maintain Schwartz’s naked act is in no way erotic, but outraged right-wing politicians and far-right groups have called for the artist to be arrested.

Take a good look at the picture I posted above. If you think that’s wrong, congratulations, you’re a nazi. Now how about you start acting like one too?

Rather than art, they are calling the show disgusting’ and a crime that ‘incites paedophilia’, the Daily Mail reports.

Common sense is now controversial, and even seen as silly. Another thing to thank kikes for.

Schwartz has taken his controversial performance across the South American country, having been initially inspired by 1960s artist Lydia Clark.

Schwartz says he becomes one of Clark’s sculptures when he performs ‘La Bete’.

He said: ‘As I stand or lie naked and vulnerable I allow my audience to interact with my body by inviting them to pull, reshape and manipulate it into many different poses and to construct images using my body’.

How exactly is this disgusting filth art? And why do you have to be naked for other idiots to “construct images” with your body? Does underwear stop you from pretending you’re doing something with your life?

Stressing that the girl was not in danger, an MAM spokesperson said: ‘The little girl was with her mother who is also an artist. Her daughter asked to enter the show after being given an explanation as to what it contained.


The child wanted to participate and under her mother’s guidance and supervision she is seen on all fours going around the artist’s naked body without showing any embarrassment or aversion.

Yeah, I’m sure she “wanted” to participate…Toddlers these days, they get all sorts of weird ideas all by themselves, without them being planted there by their attention-whore mothers…

These creatures need to be wiped off the face of the earth, along with the kikes who promote this filth. This isn’t art, it’s just sexual deviancy at the expense of society.