Brazil: Police Accused of Massacring Civilians, More Than 20 Dead

Police in Brazil may be killing defenseless people and then claiming that they were criminals.

The media refers to a recent incident as a shootout, but what kind of shootout between police and criminals leaves over 20 criminals dead and only one police officer dead?

If the dead were really armed criminals, how come they only managed to kill one officer?

But perhaps these were really dangerous criminals caught off guard.

Whatever the case, the question to ask is: what is stopping the Virus Regime police from doing targeted killings and then claiming that there was a dangerous shootout with some kind of terrorists?

We are already seeing the police go crazy against the people in places like Colombia, so this may be a “first they came for the poor black people in the favelas…” kind of situation.


A bloody, hourslong gunbattle in a Rio de Janeiro slum echoed into Friday, with authorities saying the police mission killed two dozen criminals while residents and activists claimed human rights abuses.

It was just after sunrise Thursday when dozens of officers from Rio de Janeiro state’s civil police stormed Jacarezinho, a favela in the city’s northern zone. They were targeting drug traffickers from one of Brazil’s most notorious criminal organizations, Comando Vermelho, and the bodies piled up quickly.

When the fighting stopped, there were 25 dead — one police officer and 24 people described by the police as “criminals.”

One resident told The Associated Press that a man barged into her home around 8 a.m. bleeding from a gunshot wound. He hid in her daughter’s room, but police came rushing in right behind him.

She said that she and her family saw officers shoot the unarmed man.

Hours later, his blood was still pooled on her tile floor and soaked into a blanket decorated with hearts.

On Friday, protesters gathered outside police headquarters near Jacarezinho to denounce the violence, holding a banner that read “STOP KILLING US!”

Even shortly after the shooting died down, about 50 residents of Jacarezinho has poured into a narrow street to follow members of the state legislature’s human rights commission who were conducting an inspection. They shouted “Justice!” while clapping their hands. Some raised their right fists into the air.

Felipe Curi, a detective in Rio’s civil police, denied there were any executions.

“There were no suspects killed. They were all traffickers or criminals who tried to take the lives of our police officers and there was no other alternative,” he said at a news conference.

Curi said some suspects had sought refuge in residents’ homes, and six of them were arrested. Police also seized 16 pistols, six rifles, a submachine gun, 12 grenades and a shotgun, he said.

Bolsonaro’s son Carlos, a Rio city councilman who is influential on social media, supported police. He expressed condolences to the family of the fallen officer on Twitter, while skipping any mention of the other 24 dead or their families. The president didn’t refer to the incident at all Thursday night in his weekly live broadcast on Facebook.

Whoa, that’s hardcore.

He may soon be running on a platform based on the idea that all black people in Brazil must be violently murdered by the police, and he may succeed.

Carlos has a picture of his father Jair’s face tattooed on his arm.

Maybe slaughtering the blacks is funny.

But if the Virus System is allowing mass slaughters without any form of government inquiry, it’s something we’re going to want to keep an eye on.