Brazil: Mongrels Shoot White Mother in Chain of Events Like an Action Movie

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2017

Mongrel goons for a supervillian.

As most these days are well aware, reality and fiction have become virtually indistinguishable in this clown world we have found ourselves in.

Occasionally, the absurd nature of our existence is very good.

Take this case as an example, the woman and family in this car very clearly had some kind of plot armor.

Mogaz News:

Erivelton Jose dos Santos, nicknamed NG, was held in a makeshift crack den in the shanty town where the holidaymaker from Kent cheated death after taking a wrong turn last month with her husband and three children.

Erivelton Jose dos Santos, who is suspected of shooting British tourist Eloise Dixon last month, was arrested during a raid on a crack den near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Saturday. Another alleged gunman, Jackson Lima Ferreira, known as JK, was arrested during a raid on another nearby shanty town on August 12. The whereabouts of Bahia Cabeludo are still unkown

Eloise Dixon, pictured with her three daughters, was shot after her family took a wrong turn into a favela in Rio and ended up in gang territory

During the shooting, the first bullet was fired through the driver’s window, smashing the glass and hitting Mrs Dixon, who was in the passenger seat, in the stomach.

Incredibly, this is probably what saved her life.

As she lurched forward, the gunman on the other side also fired through the window, and the bullet hit the headrest where Mrs Dixon’s head had been a second earlier, scraping her right shoulder.

As the car moved forward, the men fired again, with one bullet going through the back window and another fired through the side of the car and bursting the right front tyre.

Amazingly, none of the Dixons’

The amount of Deus Ex Machina in this story can only mean that one, or several, members of this family are critical in the future of our timeline.

Perhaps one of the daughters will birth the next Hitler, or maybe our Japanese anime is real and we will have magical schoolgirls gassing kikes while piloting mech suits.

I look forward to when this family is in the news again.