Brazil Might Legalize Bitcoin as Legal Tender

We might be set for things to really start popping off.

Coin Rivet:

Brazil’s Federal Deputy Aureo Ribeiro has revealed that Brazilians could soon be able to buy houses, cars and even McDonald’s with Bitcoin.

The South American nation is preparing to vote on a cryptocurrency regulation bill which is expected to be presented to the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies within the next few days.

“We want to separate the wheat from the chaff, create regulations so that you can trade, know where you’re buying and know who you’re dealing with,” Ribeiro said.

“With this asset you will be able to buy a house, a car, go to McDonald’s to buy a hamburger – it will be a currency in the country as it happened in other countries.”

Bill 2.303/15, which calls for the regulation of virtual currencies, was approved for presentation last week.

If it gets the thumbs up from the Chamber of Deputies this week, then Brazil looks set to follow El Salvador’s example and make Bitcoin legal tender.

This would really change everything.

If Brazil hops on this train, then basically it’s just a matter of time before Mexico does.

The people running these countries are not stupid. It is obvious what the US feds are doing to the dollar, and it is obvious that every fiat currency on earth is tied to the dollar, if not directly pegged.

I would think that if you’re watching the US, what is happening in this country, you’d be thinking: “uhhhhhhh….”

Plus, I mean – these remittance companies are literally Jew robbery. All form of transferring money from one country to another is Jew robbery.

I have just one word for the government of Brazil.

Or should I say… one song.