Brazil: Jewish Supremacist to Lead Municipality in White-Majority Porto Alegre

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2017

Wherever whites exist, Jews work to make them extinct.

This is even true in Brazil, where whites are a minority. Porto Alegre in Southern Brazil is one of the exceptions to the rule in the giant new world African colony. I went to this province many years ago and fell in love with the folkish culture (it has a strong rural slant) and people. The municipality has a white majority (Italian, German and Iberian) and is one of the safest and most prosperous parts of country.

That is why Valter Nagelstein, a local Jew, is busy exporting the white genocide blueprint to this little place. He was the architect of a local law that made “Holocaust education” mandatory in public schools, and is an ardent Zionist who is loyal to Israel first.

He has big money behind him and is rapidly rising through Brazilian politics. Don’t be surprised if he’s a presidential contender 10 years from now. He has now been named president of Porto Alegre’s municipality!


A Jewish lawmaker will preside over the municipal chamber of the city that is home to Brazil’s third largest Jewish community.

Valter Nagelstein, who has been serving as Porto Alegre municipal chamber’s vice president since 2016, was elected president Monday and will assume the position on Jan. 1, reported the Brazilian news website G1.

“Walter is acknowledged by everyone as the representative of our state’s Jewish community and also at the national level,” Zalmir Chartzmann, president of the Rio Grande do Sul Jewish federation, told JTA. “He has been defending vigorously the State of Israel, Zionism and Judaism, always calling for peace and negotiations. His next step is to run for congressman in Brasilia.

Nagelstein was elected to the City Council in 2008 and is serving his third term as a councilman in Porto Alegre. He has become the new voice of the local Jewish community, succeeding the late lawmaker and activist Isaac Ainhorn, who died two years before Nagelstein took office.

Last year, the lawmaker announced he would support fundraising to build a Holocaust memorial in Porto Alegre. He also is the author of the law that made teaching the Holocaust mandatory in public schools.

If Nagelstein considers himself to be a racial advocate that is the “voice of the local Jewish community,” why is he in charge of Porto Alegre’s non-Jewish majority? Why not become a Rabbi, an Israel lobbyist, or some other more appropriate role for a person who considers non-Jews to be – at the very best – an after thought?

Sure, the non-white left may be anti-Israel in a sense, but that isn’t relevant. Jews in nations with declining white minorities like South Africa, Brazil and California are only growing in power. They easily shut down incoherent and low IQ people who may try to resist their advances or pet causes.

No German or Italian or Portuguese Brazilian politician would ever declare himself the “voice” of their respective ethnic communities. And they definitely wouldn’t dare declare themselves defenders of white Brazil. The expectation for whites is that in a liberal multi-cultural nation you must represent all equally.

That rule doesn’t apply to Jews, who retain their ethnic chauvinism and thus overpower all individualist competitors – whether you like it or not.

A small but clenched fist will always break a large wagging finger.