Brazil: Bolsonaro Hails End of Vaccine Trials After Trial Participant Dies

For some reason, the international coronavirus vaccine trials took place in Brazil.

Probably, the reason is, it’s a third world country where they can get away with killing people and covering it up.

The Guardian:

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, has sparked outrage by gloating over the suspension of clinical trials of the Chinese coronavirus vaccine after a volunteer’s death.

“Another victory for Jair Bolsonaro,” read a comment posted by the official Facebook account of Brazil’s far-right leader on Monday night after the country’s health regulator, Anvisa, announced it had halted testing of the CoronaVac jab.

Anvisa said the trial of the vaccine – which is being developed by the Chinese biopharmaceutical firm Sinovac Biotech – had been suspended as a result of a “adverse, serious event” involving a participant in Brazil.

But many Bolsonaro critics see a possible political motivation behind the move, and the head of the Brazilian research centre coordinating the trial claimed the volunteer’s death was not related to the vaccine.

The broadcaster TV Cultura reported on Tuesday that the “event” was suicide, saying it had seen the coroner’s report showing the trial volunteer had taken their own life.

Well, that might be fake. Or, it could be that the vaccine drove him insane.

This vaccine alters the DNA, and we have reason to believe it might be targeting our brains, to make us more susceptible to globalist hoaxery.

It’s a weird event, whatever the case.

Bolsonaro has called on Brazil to stop acting like a bunch of faggots.

Deccan Herald:

President Jair Bolsonaro drew criticism Tuesday for telling Brazilians not to deal with Covid-19 like “a country of fags,” the far-right leader’s latest controversial outburst on the pandemic.

Bolsonaro, who has consistently downplayed the virus even as it has killed 163,000 people in Brazil — the second-highest death toll worldwide, after the United States — made the comment during a meandering speech at the presidential palace in which he also appeared to threaten US President-elect Joe Biden.

“All anyone talks about these days is the pandemic. We need to stop that,” said Bolsonaro during the speech, which was ostensibly on tourism.

“I regret the deaths. I really do. But we’re all going to die someday. There’s no use fleeing reality. We have to stop being a country of fags…. We have to face up to it and fight. I hate this faggot stuff.”

Finally, someone said it.

Bolsonaro is old, he got the virus, then got better. Same with Donald Trump. Everyone is going to get the virus. 99.999% of them will get over it without much trouble.

That’s the reality. People need to stop being whiny baby faggots. This is not a big deal, even if it is really as bad as they say it is. Obviously, it isn’t as bad as they say it is.

Faggotry is not a solution to paranoid delusion.

It only makes it worse.

Everyone knows how God feels about fags.