Brazil: Big Tech Censoring Bolsonaro Ahead of Election

Wow, who could have predicted something like this?


Facebook and YouTube have taken down a video of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, one in which he falsely claimed COVID-10 vaccines were linked to developing AIDS.

In a statement on Monday, Facebook said, “Our policies don’t allow claims that COVID-19 vaccines kill or seriously harm people.”

YouTube confirmed it took the same step later in day because the video, which was recorded last week, violated their misinformation policies.

In addition to removing the video, local media reported YouTube has suspended Bolsonaro’s account for a week.

His videos have been removed before.

It’s almost like these tech companies believe they have a right to determine the outcome of elections, as part of a plot to build a tyrannical one-world government.

Of course, the vaccines are very obviously going to cause an AIDS-like condition by destroying people’s immune systems. That is just an obvious fact that not even The Science can really deny.

I mean, The Science can deny whatever it wants to deny – it is not restricted by facts or obvious reality. But eventually, it’s going to just become very clear that the people who take these vaccines do not have functional immune systems.

Of course, then The Science will just say that the vaxed people who are dying from mild colds are dying from a deadly new strain of the deadly coronavirus. The Science won’t permit anyone to ask why only the vaxed are suffering from this.

I’m just so tired. So very tired.

It’s all just completely retarded. Everything that happens is retarded.

I hope Bolsonaro manages to hold power.

He’s said that he’s going to be killed or put in prison if he loses.

But he’s also implied he will use the harsh measures we wished Donald Trump would have used to hold power.

Of course, if he does that, he will get boycotted and sanctioned by everyone other than China and Russia.

But hey – China is where the stuff comes from, no?

I’m rooting for Bolsonaro, and I think he has a chance, in a wacky country like Brazil, to keep hold of power. If he’s willing to go all in.

My advice: go all in.

Always go all in.