Brazil: 18-Year-Old Girl Suffocates 5-Year-Old Brother With a Pillow, Cuts Off His Penis and Eats It

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2019

Karina Roque, 18

Looking at the weird things that happen in Brazil is looking at the results of unrestricted black and brown reproduction.

What this female did was allegedly part of a “black magic ritual.” These “rituals” are something these creatures are known to engage in.

This is what they do.

Daily Mail:

A teenage girl in Brazil has allegedly confessed to torturing her five-year-old brother to death before eating his severed penis.

Police are investigating the possibility that the crime was linked to a black magic ritual because the body was found on the floor surrounded by several candles.

Maycon Roque’s heavily mutilated body was found by his mother last Thursday night after a relative broke into the family house in Sao Roque, southeast Brazil, to find 18-year-old Karina standing beside the child’s remains.

Karina then allegedly claimed she had ‘cut off her brother’s genital organs and eaten them.’

According to police, Karina’s mother had gone out shopping, leaving her son in the daughter’s care.

Coming home to find your teenage daughter chewing something at candlelight next to the mutilated corpse of your young son after you left him to her care is typical brown “people” culture.

 Local media reports that Karina refused to let her mother in, prompting the desperate woman to fetch her brother-in-law, who kicked the door down.

They horrific scene was so macabre that the mother, who police have not named, had to be supported by neighbours after she passed out from the shock.

The suspect allegedly tried to escape when her uncle and other relatives attempted to restrain her.

Detective Anderson Góes said: ‘They tried to prevent her from running but she apparently became very aggressive and started throwing objects.

Her uncle was hit and injured by a stone and she bit the family dog which attacked her while she was being restrained by relatives.’

Police say Karina later admitted that she lured her brother into her bedroom by pretending they were going to play a game, then suffocated him with a pillow.

Preliminary examinations indicate the child was dead before his body was brutally maimed and his body parts cannibalised.

She bit the dog. Browns are feral creatures, and the only reason you don’t see them biting dogs left and right is that America isn’t totally overrun by them and some amount of civilization is able to be maintained. But Brazil? Good luck finding any civilization there.

Biting the dog appears to have set in motion some kind of werewolf-like transformation in her.



As you can appreciate in the above picture, a part of the beast appears to have manifested in her.

Family members reportedly told police the teen had never given any problems before, was quiet and reserved and had ‘always taken care of her brother’.

Yeah, until she didn’t. This is the thing with browns. You can’t rely on them. One day they’re babysitting and next thing you know they ate some kids’ dick in some weird Jungle Demon ritual.

Do you really want these “people” shitting on your lettuce? Because they’re all pretty much like this. Mexicans and Central Americans have that Aztec gruesome sacrifice blood running in their veins, browns from further down have the cannibal “ate the whole Spanish expedition” blood strain, and in the case of Brazil, that’s fully mixed with Apefreakan equivalents. It can go off at any time.

Blacks mixing with browns in America could produce even worse mutants than the ones from Brazil, and the more Mexicans and caravaneers that are allowed in, the higher the chances of that happening.

After the black and brown blob reaches critical mass, you won’t even be safe from the police.

Daily Mail:

Family members were pictured with anguish-stricken faces after learning that a relative of theirs had been shot and killed by soldiers in a shocking case of mistaken identity.

Soldiers in Brazil ended up shooting at a car that they thought belonged to a wanted criminal, when in fact an innocent man was behind the wheel who was taking his family out to a family party on a Sunday afternoon.

Relatives looked distraught as they learned the terrible fate. Their anguish was hardly eased by the fact ten members of Brazil’s military were later arrested after the horrific shooting.

It was revealed soldiers fired an incredible 80 shots at the car which was carrying a family of five but which ended up killing a 46-year-old man.

Evaldo dos Santos Rosa was driving to a baby shower with his seven-year-old son, his wife, her stepfather and another woman when soldiers started shooting at them, according to relatives.

Such is the way of Chaos.