Brave White Woman Stands Up to Drug-Dealing Mexican Rapist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2018

This video has almost 5 million views at time of writing.

OMG so sad, must have hurt his feeling so bad to have an old woman want her own fucking country to live in.

Look at his crybaby response.

Fucking cry harder.

You know where you can not be hated?

In your own fucking country.

I’m so goddamn tired of this shit.

Go work hard in Mexico. If Mexicans were all working hard in Mexico, it wouldn’t be a shithole and you wouldn’t need to come here and whine.

This woman is using the language she’s been given. Probably, this guy is not a drug dealer. I assume like all brown people he would rape a woman if the opportunity presented itself, but there actually isn’t any evidence of that.

So calling him a drug-dealing rapist simple because he’s a Mexican does come across slightly strange.

But this is the language she’s been given. It is the reference point to express her disgust with someone who does not belong in our place being in our place.

And she does have one word for it that hits the nail on the head.

Trump gave her one word.

The key word: animal.

He is an animal. 

They are all animals.

They are NOT US.


You know that most or many tribes had the same word for “people” as they had for their own tribe? Meaning that those outside of the tribe are not people. Because they are not us.

These brown individuals rushing our base are not us.

That is the point.

It doesn’t matter if they’re criminals or not – they do not fucking belong here.



We have a right to a home, to live with our own.

And every white person knows this, somewhere inside them. And they know that that right is being taken from us.

All we really have to do is give people the mental framework and the reference points to place these things in their own minds.

It is very instructive that she repeats Trump talking points here. That is the language she has been given.

This is our key duty right now, as racial tensions rise.

We just need to spread the memes.

To give people back the language that the Jews took from them, so they can understand their own instincts.

I understand this, you must understand it too: physical reality, as human beings experience it, is nothing but language. Everything that exists exists only in terms of how it can be translated into language.

The Jews stole the language to describe our experiences and we are left believing that these experiences cannot be real, cannot have meaning, because they cannot be put into language. And ultimately that is true. If the language isn’t there, the experience dies as soon as it is born, in a flurry of blurred emotions.

We must give the people back the language.

And the language is in the memes.