Brave Man Picks Pit Bull Up by the Neck, Slams It Against a Fence and Punches It in the Face

Daily Stormer
February 26, 2020

Jamie Hill

This racist, brutal attack on a pit bull who didn’t do anything wrong is fueled by pure hatred for the color of the dog breed and speaks volumes about the Nazi nature of our society.


Dog breedism is an evil that knows no bounds.

Daily Mail:

A man was caught on camera punching a pitbull-style dog in the face before slamming it against a fence outside a pub.

Jamie Hill, 40, from Bournemouth, Dorset, was charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and ordered to appear in court.

“Protected animal,” huh?

Sounds familiar.

People in the West protect what destroys the West.

However, he failed to turn up to the planned hearing and Dorset Police issued a warrant for his arrest.

CCTV footage shows the dog entering the beer garden at the Buffalo Bar in Bournemouth before walking into the pub in April last year.

A woman sitting on a bench puts out her cigarette and follows the unattended dog inside before the animal reappears.

While the dog sniffs around the patio, a man wearing a blue hooded jumper and carrying a lead grabs the animal and slams it against the fence before punching it three times.

He then picks up the dog by the scruff of its neck and walks off with the animal as two onlookers watch in horror.

Police have now launched a fresh appeal to try and find the man, who is described as white, around 5ft 9ins tall and of medium build with short greying brown hair.

The above description of the situation sounds an awful lot like the beating of an escaped slave.

PC Emily Watkins, of Bournemouth police, said: ‘We have carried out numerous enquiries to locate Jamie Hill but these have so far been unsuccessful.

‘I am urging anyone with information as to his whereabouts, or who sees a man matching the description given, to please contact us.

While we have no information to suggest that he presents a direct risk to the public, I would urge anyone who sees this man not to approach him but to immediately contact Dorset Police on 999.’

He may or may not have saved everyone at the pub from a vicious attack, but that doesn’t matter.

Hurting beasts is just not Who We Are.

Pictured: black-on-white crime.