Brave Feminist Edits Her Daughter’s Princess Books

Daily Stormer
December 8, 2016


The thought that these retards are raising children is absolutely horrifying

You would think that a mother would have more important things to do than destroy her child’s books, but apparently that’s not the case.


While moms everywhere have been teaching their daughters just how awesome they are without male validation, traditional fairytales and children’s stories haven’t exactly kept up with the times.

The stories we grew up reading paint women and men in traditional, old-fashioned, conservative gender roles, often labeling the princes as heroes and the princesses as the ones in need of saving.

But one amazing mom has set an incredible example of how mothers can fight this patriarchal narrative.

When reading her daughter a Disney children’s book, this anonymous mom (who’s also a sociologist) noticed the princesses’ stories could benefit from a few updates.

So, she took it upon herself to literally pencil that magic in.

Yes, because despite the fact that men are physically stronger, it makes no sense why they’d naturally be painted as the protector.

Feminists are very paranoid and believe that everything is a deliberate attack on women, but they need to realize that you can put a spin on anything.


What eight year old isn’t thinking this when watching Beauty and the Beast?

For example a feminist will complain that Ariel is a bad example because at 16 she thinks she needs to get married. A normal person would watch the Little Mermaid and either not think anything, or see that Ariel knows what she wants and will go to great lengths to get it despite the many barriers.

One would consider this to be empowering.

Women are putting adult thoughts and projecting their personal issues onto these films and it’s ridiculous.

The reality is that little girls watch these movies and wish they could wear the glamorous dresses, talk to fish and ride on magic carpets.

No little girl is taking away from the stories that she’s helpless and not worth anything.

(But hey, characters inspiring young girls to be feminine and dress pretty is enough to trigger these butch cat ladies.)


Why pretend to get ready for the ball when you could role-play treating Parkinson’s disease?


When reading fairytales becomes a chore




Teaching daughters to break the law and be rebellious?


You’d resent your mother forever if she bored your to tears with this dribble 

I have no words when it comes to the appalling handwriting.

She should spend less time corrupting her daughter and more time working towards better penmanship.

It’s sad that women think little girls should be made to deal with adult issues that don’t concern them. What do these feminists do, sit down with their five years and teach them about sex and abortion? What a beautiful bonding experience.


Your daughter doesn’t want to watch Snow White goy, show her Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

They need to reevaluate their lives if they get off on graffitiing children’s books. And are they just discovering that you can write whatever you want if you put pen to paper?

Revolutionary these feminist mothers are.

They’re crying over Disney Princesses, and meanwhile I’m over here waiting for the original classics to be put back onto TV for the whole family to enjoy.

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