Brave Doctor Says Soap is Bad for Your Health

It takes guts to come out and state that you haven’t had a proper shower in years because soap and shampoo are bad for your health, and it takes even more guts to do so in front of an audience, at a time where people are told to wash their hands constantly to stop the spread of the flu.

This doctor went on television to say that the microbes in our skin have a purpose, and that it isn’t ideal to wash them off all of the time.

Soap is the skin equivalent of taking antibiotics and messing with your gut flora, and just like a healthy gut flora is known to protect against pathogens, a healthy skin microbiome could also offer protection.

Daily Mail:

A doctor who hasn’t used soap in four years and thinks washing is bad for our health has insisted that he doesn’t smell.

Dr James Hamblin, from New York, appeared on This Morning today where he claimed that washing off the ‘millions of microbes’ all over your skin could be detrimental to your health.

While the doctor occasionally uses water to clean himself and washes his hands, he hasn’t used soap in four years, and claims after a while, his body’s ecosystem reached a steady state, and he stopped smelling bad.

But viewers weren’t convinced by the doctor, with several asking why in the middle of a global pandemic he was advising not using any products at all to clean your body.

When asked by host Ruth Langsford:  ‘Have you had a shower this morning?’, he said: ‘I have not.I got my hair a little wet and combed it but not a proper shower in any sense.’

He went on: ‘I do [smell good]. It took a while to get used to, but I don’t smell.

‘I’m told and I have asked people and asked them to be honest with me, do I smell? And they tell me no and my wife says the same.’

When asked why he quit using soap, he said: ‘It was part of an experiment that I was doing and part of trying to become a little bit minimalistic. At the same time,I was learning about the skin microbium.

It turns out there’s millions of microbes all over you. So I thought, why are we washing it up in the first place? If there’s something that might be helpful to us.

I thought well maybe we shouldn’t be washing them off so much and I started to experiment. I still wash my hands, but no body wash or lotion.’

Viewers quickly took to Twitter to share their views, with one writing: ‘When we need to wash our hands regularly for 20 seconds why are you encouraging people not to shower?

You don’t need to wash your hands for 20 seconds unless you literally just performed an emergency autopsy on a rotten corpse without wearing any kind of gloves. The idea that coronavirus is dangerous is a hoax. It is about as dangerous as the flu.

One thing to consider, when talking about soap and shampoo, is that humans managed to live and reproduce before these products were a thing.


Beyond needing to use soap or not, there’s the fact that most commercial soaps nowadays are filled with estrogenic chemicals that are turning the frogs gay and decreasing men’s testosterone levels. Finding homemade soap made from wholesome ingredients and overall decreasing your exposure to soap can help you interrupt one of the most common attacks on your testosterone before it can hit you.