Brave Brown Body Cambridge Professor Declares “White Lives Don’t Matter”

In a cultural climate totally dominated by white supremacy, where blacks are being hunted down and slaughtered for the color of their skin and the British Empire is reforming to oppress India and Pakistan, it takes real and true bravery to come out and say that white people deserve to be killed.

In a series of tweets since deleted, Dr. Priyamvada Gopal, a professor who specializes in postcolonial literature and “critical race studies” at the University of Cambridge’s Churchill College, declared that “white lives don’t matter,” and that whiteness should be “abolished.”

It seems reasonable enough to say that whites, who after all did slavery, deserve to die for what they’ve done to brown bodies.

But white supremacists don’t want to give up their power, they don’t want to be slaughtered.

Thankfully, even in this politically charged climate dominated by white people, Cambridge was able to see that calling for the death of whites is a meek expression of brown bodies in a time when George Floyd’s corpse is still fresh.

The white scum, eager to not be dehumanized and subjected to mass killing, attempted to compare the statements about killing whites to the views of Jordan Peterson.

In fact, no such comparison is possible. Peterson is a white supremacist who has worked in a system of privilege to deny the value of black bodies and trans lives and negate their experiences as victims of a patriarchal system of institutional microaggressions and colonialism.

If we want to find real equality, we have to dismantle the institutionalized systems of oppression defined by whiteness, and that starts with negating the myths about the value of white lives. We must recognize that white lives don’t matter, not as white lives, and that whites deserve to be hunted down and slaughtered, including their children.