Brave Bonehill vs Bullying Berger: The Battle Begins at Britain’s Old Bailey

Jez Turner
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2016


Our man Bonehill

Last year 650,000 invaders were deliberately let in to Britain by our politicians.

This is The Old Bailey, the highest court in the land.

It is where Joshua Bonehill is standing trial. What did he do? Murder, kidnap, rape, robbery, carry out an act of espionage, commit an act of national treachery?

No, he opposed the invasion by criticising those letting in the invaders. And he criticised those pushing the white genocide agenda. He criticised Luciana Berger for her long running promotion of Jewish interests rather than the interests of her constituents, and her persecution of those patriots pushing Britain’s interests by opposing the white genocide agenda. As part of his campaign he did some computer graphic cartoons. He’s a cartoonist. A satirist. And for this he is standing trial and facing up to a further 3 years in prison.

Free speech, free expression, free debate are only allowed if it is what (((the globalist liberal elite))) approves of, hence ‘je suis Charlie Hebdo’. The treacherous politicians should be standing trial – not Joshua Bonehill. So I say ‘Je suis Joshua Bonehill!

The official charge is ‘Racially aggravated harassment’ and relates to 5 on line articles, published between October 2014 and January 2015. These were in the public domain and of the authorities were aware of them, when Joshua first faced trial on 14th December 2015 for the similar offence of speaking out and creating cartoons against the Jewish vigilante ‘police’ force of North London, The Shomrim. He was convicted at that trial and given a prison sentence for that offence of 3 years and 4 months. Nowadays murderers get less. Criminals of all types get tried for all their known crimes at the same time in one trial. Patriots who dare to speak the truth are treated far worse. ZOG could keep on finding online articles and cartoons by Joshua and keep on prosecuting him every year and keep on adding to his sentence for ever, literally. The silence by the legal profession is deafening.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine court case

Lookin plump, Luciana!

Luciana Berger, Member of Parliament for Wavertree, Merseyside where she is rumoured to bully non-Jewish Labour Party members, has made a successful and lucrative career out of ‘tackling anti-Semitism’. She started off in the National Union of Students – obsessing about anti-Semitism within the NUS – so much so that even that hotbed of Jewish Marxists kicked her out. Moving into the Labour Party proper her strident Jewishness secured her a safe seat in Parliament and favoured insider status meaning a warning is sent to (((the media moguls))) that she is never to be criticised.

She’s had all sorts of minor roles, being groomed as she is for top level Ministerial status, but prominently has also been a key player in The Labour Friends of Israel and has chaired The Labour Jewish Movement. She features in all the favourite Jewish campaigns for diversity, vibrancy, enrichment, tolerance, abortion on demand, more mass immigration, preventing the internet from being a tool for spreading the truth and of course punishing those who dare to speak out about it all.

So far she’s been instrumental in having 2 White men jailed – her constituent 21 year-old Garron Helm in 2014 for daring to create a cartoon of her with the superscription ‘Trust a Jew to behave like a Jew’, and 28 year-old John Nimmo, who was jailed earlier this year. This then was her third time in the witness box in order to send a White Man to prison for opposing the Jewish Agenda, and she’s getting rather good at playing the oh-so-innocent, shocked, dazed, confused little girl – the jury are supposed to lap it up, but to me, she looked smarmy, swarthy, ugly and one couldn’t help thinking of a big fat smirking tabby cat gazing down on a crowd of adoring spellbound mice.

The only ones not in awe were the judge – a rather tough looking mouse in a red robe and white wig by the name of Senior Judge Mr Justice Spencer; a rather timid but brave barrister, QC for the defence Mr Godfrey; and a rather relaxed, casual, looking as if he was enjoying it all, dapper mouse in the dock Joshua Bonehill.

The jury when it was sworn in was composed of 9 women (3 of whom were non-white) and 3 White men – seemed a bit lopsided to me having 75% women, but complaints can only be raised when it is men in the majority. C’est la P.C. vie.

When QC Philip Stott for the prosecution asked her to relate her horror regarding Joshua’s posts Berger purred and simpered. It was different though when Godfrey took his turn, she began to scowl, and glare.

I must say I didn’t expect much from the Godfrey chap, but in his timid, deferential, hesitating way he cross-examined and demolished Luciana Berger – and she won’t forget it, neither will Jews generally – expect to spend the rest of your life working for legal aid cases Godfrey!

Basically the defence was that Joshua Bonehill’s 5 articles and cartoons were all concerning items that were in the public domain as reasonably accepted facts; they were never sent by him to Berger; they were not meant for Berger; they were satire; they weren’t specifically just about her, concerning as they did a range of legitimate issues – one of them covered Jewish over-representation in British politics and the Labour Party; one of them didn’t even mention her name; he never encouraged malicious tweets to her – the trolling campaign was launched and sustained from the USA and the article ‘The Legacy of Operation Filthy Jew Bitch’ was as it said looking BACK at the campaign that was directed from the USA.

liberate-stamford-hill-2-618x643 (2)

This is the sort of cartoon that gets you sent to prison is once-merry old England.

Under cross examination the fat tabby cat, sorry, Berger, agreed that about 0.2% of Britain’s population was Jewish (and therefore in all fairness only 1 in 500 MPs should be Jewish), but said she did not to know how many Jewish MPs there were in the Labour Party or Parliament – ‘You claim not to know despite you being the Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement?’ queried Godfrey, uneasy shuffling from the prosecution benches. (Ye Gods – one day (((they))) will crucify him for that I thought!) The tabby cat angered by her ordeal and sensing her chance of gobbling up Joshua may be slipping, lashed out with the sentence ‘’That Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer – there’s still a European Arrest warrant outstanding against him for anti-Semitism.’’

andrew anglin, famous bane poster

And you think that gives you power over me?

Interesting. However anti-Semitism isn’t actually a crime, for the very real fact that it is very hard to define. As Sam Francis once said, an anti-Semite used to mean someone who does not like Jews, now it means someone the Jews don’t like. Joshua Bonehill and Andrew Anglin are definitely people (((they))) don’t like.

Joshua is on trial for harassment, not for racism or anti-Semitism, and if it is found that he has not harassed Lucian Berger, then he must be found ‘not guilty’. A sensible, intelligent jury made up of 12 White men endowed with common sense would find him so. But there lies the rub, for the (((elite))) of this country relies on us being brainwashed, feminized, infantilized, dumbed down and increasingly non-white. The judgement is expected on Thursday 8th December, but don’t expect justice.

His only chance of winning, bearing in mind the makeup of the jury, is to take the witness box and smile his cheerful friendly smile; if he does that he just may swing them in his favour. Come what may his mood is good, and a cheeky wink and smile to the public gallery at the end of the day shows his morale is high whatever the outcome.


Bonehill is the sort of lad can certainly manage a cheeky wink. Godspeed, ye noble champion of truth and justice.