Brandon’s Polls Hit Another New Low

I don’t think these polls are real. These are just the biggest lies they think they can get away with.

Four out of ten Democrats are disappointed.

Not sure what they expected him to do though?

Create a communist utopia?

What is the goal of this mission, in the brain of the average Democrat voter?

I know what the mission goal is because I read the Klaus Schwab books, and I watch the WEF YouTube channel, along with those of other related think tanks.

I understand what “you will own nothing and be happy” means.

But what do the people who support this lunacy think it means?

The obvious answer is that they don’t think at all. They just worship authority.

But if only 4 of 10 of his own sycophants are willing to worship his authority, he’s in a real bad spot.

He’s going to need some kind of… some kind of Cobra Commander style operation.

Perhaps some kind of…. Omicron Protocol.

Article was updated for math.