Brandon Says There is “No Federal Solution” to Coronavirus (O RLY?)

People are retarded.

Joe Brandon announced Monday that there is “no federal solution” to the alleged coronavirus pandemic, and it will have to “be solved at a state level.”

Thus far, every time Brandon has said he won’t do something, he’s done it. For example, he said there would be no federal vax mandate… which was itself a “federal solution.”

Conservative morons are whining about his “no federal solution” claim on Twitter, as if they want him to do some kind of further federal program against the population.

They’ve got #NoPlanBiden trending.

“No federal solution” was actually the Donald Trump position.

But now conservatives are demanding some kind of wacky federal government terror program against the American people to stop the deadly Omicron variant.

This is insane.

Conservatives should be celebrating that Brandon is claiming there will be no more federal action.

But of course, there will be more federal action.

Saying there won’t be is a way to get people to demand it.

And whatever that federal action is – on top of the mandate, which is already a federal action – is going to be very weird, and very painful for the country.

What they are going to do is what I said they were going to do: they are going to claim that the holiday travel – which they oh-so-graciously allowed – created an out-of-control spread of the Omicron, and it is now desperate times and therefore desperate measures are needed.

Just wait.

Just you wait.

Nothing is over.

You people all deserve this for spreading stupid bullshit about ivermectin and natural immunity.

There was never a new virus. It was always the same flu and cold we had with us this whole time.

Watch this video from October 29, 2019 and do the math.

This is not difficult math.

You do not have to be a math genius.

There was never a new virus.