Brandon Says President Harris Will Force Through Voting Law, Shouts Out Bull Connor

Joe Brandon gave an angry speech on Tuesday demanding the passage of a voting law that would allow a total federal takeover of all state elections. Presumably, that would allow the Democrats to completely rig the 2022 vote and just say they won every election.

He referenced a certain “President Harris,” and said that everyone who doesn’t do everything he wants is a racist.

He seemed really angry. I mean, this whole “angry, confused old man yelling at you” has been his style for a while, but he seemed especially angry yesterday.

He talked about Bull Conner.

I’m glad to see old Bull is still getting shoutouts in the mainstream.

Watch this clip.

Bull Connor was a good Christian man and all of his predictions came true.

We used to have a good country.

We used to have a free country, a white country, a Christian country.

It really is amazing the speed with which Jews are able to completely destroy a nation.

I don’t know if they’ll implement this voting law. I haven’t been following it very closely. What I know is that they’re not just going to allow Republicans to come in and take over, and if for some reason that does happen, nothing will change and actually it will probably get worse more quickly.

This is all just a circus show.

I only even bother reporting on it to tell you to stop paying attention to it because it doesn’t matter. I know you’re getting flooded with it everywhere else.