Brandon Now Begging the Media to Report on Him More Positively (But How?)

When I was a boy, my grandfather always told me: “son, if threats don’t work, then try begging.”

No, I’m just joking.

My grandfather was alpha, and if giving advice on conflict, would have said something like “always stay calm and don’t make a move unless they make you. If they make you make a move, make sure it’s a finishing move.”

It’s solid advice along the lines of “if you take a shot at the king, you’d better not miss.” Which is the same advice I gave [litigious Jew activist organization]. (They didn’t take the advice.)

But apparently, someone’s grandfather told them the “first threats, then begging” thing.

New York Post:

The White House has been secretly begging news organizations to give “favorable” coverage to President Biden rather than focusing on his failings, according to a report.

The administration is “not happy” with the unflattering headlines and coverage of the supply-chain disaster and handling of the economy — and so “has been working behind the scenes trying to reshape coverage in its favor,” CNN’s Reliable Sources said.

Senior White House and administration officials “have been briefing major newsrooms over the past week,” a source told the outlet’s media reporter Oliver Darcy.

I don’t know why he’s making this public. Several possible reasons, I guess. For those who don’t know, “Darcy” is an Iranian homosexual who is a one-issue activist for regime change in Iran. He’s basically a less offensive and much uglier version of Marco Rubio. (It’s wacky the way we allow all these foreign agents to operate in our country, isn’t it?)

So, either he’s mad that Biden isn’t doing war with Iran fast enough, or he’s literally just issuing this as part of the begging campaign, i.e., “c’mon, guys!”

The meetings have been led by a trio of administration officials: National Economic Council deputy directors David Kamin and Bharat Ramamurti, as well as ports envoy John Porcari, Darcy wrote in his newsletter.

“I’m told the conversations have been productive, with anchors and reporters and producers getting to talk with the officials,” Darcy wrote.

Reliable Sources has itself been leading the way, with its latest tweet on Monday about how the White House is “absolutely right” to have grievances about brutal coverage of Biden’s time in office.

Darcy’s report about the secret talks also linked to the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, who recently wrote an op-ed titled, “The media treats Biden as badly as — or worse than — Trump. Here’s proof.”

Milbank is Jewish, by the way.

I mean, all of these people are spiritual Jews, but only a bio-Jew would have the nerve to print that headline.

Gotta give him credit for being so handsome though.

In it, he pointed to data analysis reportedly showing that “Biden’s press for the past four months has been as bad as — and for a time worse than — the coverage Trump received for the same four months of 2020.”

He said that the findings during a time when Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted “confirmed my fear: My colleagues in the media are serving as accessories to the murder of democracy.”

Milbank admitted that “Biden has had his troubles,” mentioning the Delta variant, Afghanistan and inflation, but not numerous other scandals that have seen the president’s ratings plummet.

The columnist appeared on CNN Monday to further push his theories — admitting that the negative press was bipartisan, having ramped up from the spectacular failings of the doomed withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“The left-wing media is tough on him … He has no real support,” Milbank said of Biden, showing his own feelings as he hailed the commander-in-chief as a leader “trying to restore the organs of democracy.”

His views knocking the media were — unsurprisingly — shared by the White House, with chief of staff Ron Klain sharing the Washington paper’s op-ed, writing, “Submitted for your consideration.”

It doesn’t even make any sense what they’re asking for. You can’t report anything that is happening in the media or in the world without it reflecting badly on Joe Brandon. It’s not possible. You could include in every article “but none of this is Joe Biden’s fault though” – but the media basically already does that.

It’s getting pretty weird.

Again, I just want to point to my theory that evil is never really competent.

I wrote about this at some length last week, but I don’t remember where. I wish I had an editor.

Anyway, the fact is, regardless of their popularity level, the left has total power. So they are going to do whatever they want, until their whole machine collapses.

I suspect that there will be very aggressive attempts to punish the population for not being more supportive of Brandon’s failures.

Brandon’s approval rating is 33%.

Remember, he got more votes than anyone ever in the history of the earth – by a lot.

How quickly things can change…?