Brandon Gives Statements on Rise of the Omicron Virus

Brandon gave a speech talking about the Omicron virus.

I didn’t watch the speech, because I’ve already read the script for this entire hoax, and I don’t really care to watch this senile old coot mumble incoherently anymore. That isn’t even really funny to me at this point.

He gave a separate message demanding people take the deadly vaccine. This is despite the fact that even The Science is claiming that the Omicron bypasses the vaccine.

The daily menacing demands about the vaccine are super-duper strange. Anyone who has held out this long is not going to submit because Brandon told them to for the six millionth time.

So if there is a strategy at work with these statements, it’s about reinforcing the programming of the NPCs.

Just in general, they’re doing a round of serious hype before the next shutdown.

Brandon also announced a “new normal” which is strikingly similar to his old normal.

You just have to keep getting these injections.