Brandon Bringing Back Remain in Mexico



The Joe Biden administration is set to revive a Trump-era policy requiring US-bound migrants to await their immigration hearings in Mexico. The move has drawn pushback from rights groups, arguing that it could have been avoided.

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said Thursday that it is now “working in good faith to re-implement the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program” – informally known as the ‘remain in Mexico’ rule – as was “required by a federal court order.”

“Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas has repeatedly stated that MPP has endemic flaws, imposed unjustifiable human costs… and failed to address the root causes of irregular migration,” the department said, though added it would nonetheless follow a Supreme Court ruling issued over the summer barring the administration from ending the MPP.

“To comply with the court order, however, DHS will be ready to reimplement MPP once the Government of Mexico makes a final and independent decision to accept the return of individuals enrolled in the program, subject to certain humanitarian improvements.”

Okay, so.

Let’s unpack this.

The unambiguous goal of the fiends that are puppeteering the Biden Entity is to turn America as brown as possible as quickly as possible. They decided the best way to do that was to just literally open the border and encourage people from all over the world to get to Mexico and then cross into America, where they would immediately be put on welfare and given all kinds of other lucrative FREE BONUS DEALS.

Well, that plan was obviously completely retarded, and it has now become untenable. Basically, people are going to start starving to death and dying of filth-related diseases. There are tens of thousands of people living under bridges, shitting right next to their own tents.

In fact, most of them don’t even have tents. They’re just shuffling around all day and then sleeping in piles on the ground.

All of the hotel rooms and sports stadiums and every other place they could shove these millions upon millions of people are filled up.

So what does that mean?

It means they literally borked a scheme to destroy America.

These people are so incompetent, they can’t even manage to properly destroy things.

It’s like, Wile E. Coyote tier shit going on here.

Seriously – that image right there sums up the entirety of Project Brandon.

It’s like the Afghanistan thing. I know that there are conspiracy people who were trying to come up with explanations for how the Brandon people did Afghanistan on purpose. But look – I go through these conspiracies, compulsively, and none of them held up. Afghanistan was just a totally unmitigated failure, on a scale that has never happened before in history. It was worse than Perestroika. Maybe not in its ramifications – that is yet to be seen – but in its implementation, it was worse than Perestroika. It was an absolute debacle that resulted from promoting people for lying and firing anyone who tells the truth about anything.

This system does not have any feedback mechanism, at all. It’s a black hole of privileged, powerful morons telling each other what they want to hear and making decisions based on what they’re telling each other.

You’ve heard of the “banality of evil,” but what we should be talking about is the “stupidity of evil.” The single biggest piece of evidence that the Nazis were not evil was that they were efficient. When they were then portrayed as evil at the Nuremberg Trials, they also had to turn them into morons who were trying to suffocate millions of people with diesel fumes from a repurposed submarine engine and putting mass graves next to the well.

Here is the fact: intelligence correlates with morality. Stupidity correlates with immorality. Anyone with a certain level of intelligence figures out that this life is like a test, this reality is not what it seems, and our actions have meaning that resonate beyond the physical world. You can read about this in Ancient Greek philosophy or the Church fathers and even in much of the Enlightenment-era German philosophical literature. You can also just look around and see it.

The Hannibal Lecter super-intelligent evil is not really a real thing. Surely, there are individuals like that, but you can’t have a system like that, because it is impossible for selfish people to cooperate with each other at scale.

The concepts of heroism have been lost to us with the murder of Christianity, and we don’t really understand the nature of good and evil anymore. But you must understand: evil cannot ever win, because it cannot maintain competence. All it can do is destroy, and there are limits to destruction.

This is what I’ve told you about the vax agenda, and the fact that you just need to stay strong and stay pure. That applies to this entire satanic agenda we are experiencing. There is a time limit on it. It can only last for so long before it collapses in on itself, because a bunch of evil people trying to cooperate with each other to destroy good things end up destroying themselves before they ever manage to destroy everything good.

If you stay out of the way of this system, you have a very good chance of out-living it.

That’s why since this whole nightmare began, the one thing I’ve said over and over and over again was this: get out of the city, lay low, live your life, try to have fun, make babies, do what humans do. If they come for you, then deal with it. Be ready to deal with it. But don’t stress over it.

All you can do is all you can do and if you do all you can do, God is going to make a path for you.

The basic fact is that these people are so incompetent that they are going to have to expend the overwhelming majority of their resources just keeping the cities locked down. They’re also of course trying to plan foreign wars at the same time. They are not going to be sending their bumbling and moronic cripple-killers to get mowed down by rural folks with AR-15s and Bibles.

These people do have incredible power. But they have no ability to wield it efficiently, and we are seeing evidence of that everywhere we look. That is why the vax is so important to them – they are scared to death of the population, they are scared to death of their own inability to manage basic situations, and they know that anyone who takes these shots is effectively neutralized.

Just let go and do what you know to be right. This is the way.

If you have people who you love who have taken the vax, you must let them live with their decisions. They made those decisions. They are their decisions.

Go and do not look back, and the things you’re worried about will take care of themselves.

We are going to make it through this.

These things will not last forever, and they may not even last very long.

A New Heaven and a New Earth are just across the hill for those of pure blood.