Brainless Black Thieves Use White Man’s Stolen iPad to Upload Pictures of Their Monkey Faces

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January 19, 2015

The mysterious pictures of two Black street urchins appeared on the White man’s iCloud.

A River Oaks man says mysterious photos have begun appearing on his iCloud account, a week after his iPad and other items went missing from his truck.

Randy Schaefer said he awoke Jan. 8  to find his iPad, laptop, checkbooks and cash gone.

He immediately filed a police report but had little else to go on.  Then, Jan. 16, while looking at old photos on his phone with his girlfriend, Randy said about a dozen pictures of two men he’d never seen before appeared in his iCloud folder.

The pictures were of two men holding large amounts of cash. Although police have yet to identify anyone as suspects in Schaefer’s case, that hasn’t stopped him from trying to figure out the identity of the men.  He posted the pictures on social media Friday.

Late Friday, a YouTube video called “Burger King Ballin” appeared online which appeared to show the same men in the pictures identifying themselves. The video also shows the men fanning themselves with hundred dollar bills.

“At that point, somebody suggested I post it on Facebook and that led to Reddit,” Schaefer said.

He says clues in the photos led him to believe the selfies were taken at a Burger King on Montrose and Westheimer.  Schaefer also said one of his missing checkbooks had been found in an alley behind a nearby Starbucks where he had, in the past, connected his iPad to the store’s Wi-Fi connection.

“I think maybe (the iPad) had gotten onto their network,” Schaefer said.  “That’s when it backed up the pictures they had taken from Burger King on the iCloud.”

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