Brain Chip News: Elon Musk Releases Video of Monkey Playing Video Games with His Thoughts

I already wrote an article about emerging technology today, but I did think you should know that Elon Musk released footage of his monkey playing video games with its thoughts.


Musk’s mind-machine interface company, Neuralink, has released startling footage that purports to show a monkey playing video games using only its brain.

Pager, a nine-year-old macaque, was hooked up to a Neuralink system six weeks ago and trained to play a variety of video games in exchange for a banana smoothie delivered through a straw.

During this time, the links recorded activity from the more than 2,000 electrodes that had been implanted in Pager’s motor cortex, responsible for arm and hand movements, and wirelessly fed them to a machine-learning algorithm.

This decoder algorithm sensed modulations in the monkey’s neurons and allowed the system to predict intended hand movements via a mathematical model of neural activity and the corresponding joystick movements.

Researchers calibrated the system by monitoring Pager’s brain waves as it manipulated a joystick, before eventually disconnecting the controller – unbeknown to the monkey, it was now playing the MindPong game with just its brain and no manual input.

Neuralink’s goal is to enable paralyzed people to use a PC or phone with their mind by manipulating a cursor or virtual keyboard on a computer screen or the touch controls on a smartphone. Musk tweeted that he expects later iterations of the system to allow users to interact with their phone faster than they otherwise would using their hands.

The billionaire also claimed future iterations would allow for communication between neural links in various parts of a patient’s body, potentially one day allowing “paraplegics to walk again.”

Yes, there is always some explanation based on helping some sorry group.

Musk, to his credit, does support discussion about the effects of technologies. But he doesn’t really press the issue.

If this brain chip is really going to give people an IQ of 300+ – potentially in just ten years from now – shouldn’t we be discussing that?

What is a person with a 300 IQ going to do with that intelligence?

IQ does not stack, so we literally have no capacity of even guessing at the kind of thoughts a person that much smarter than the smartest people we’ve seen so far would be thinking.

Frankly, most of the media isn’t even reporting on this monkey video. You would think it would be the worldwide #1 story, given the obvious implications of what is going to happen when humans start augmenting their intelligence with brain chips.

I guess it’s good that the first people to do it are going to be cripples – they won’t be able to run a one man mission to bring down the entire globe and make themselves king of the world.

Recently, the government claimed that the military was occupying the Capitol to protect the government from a “crazed loner,” and it brought up the hilarious question: could one single man, who was some combination of Rambo and MacGyver, singlehandedly bring down the entire US government and install himself as warrior king?

The general answer seems to be “yes,” given that the measure of success would only be that 51% of the population would have to recognize him as the authority. If some figure was able to use hacking and Solid Snake style moves to gain control of government buildings and then broadcast his authority, alongside a sympathetic message, over all the airwaves, it seems likely that at least 51% of people would accept him as leader.

Anyway, no one would have those skills right now, but the point is, if someone had a 300 IQ, they could probably figure out a way to do it.

And again: we do not have any idea what someone with a 300 IQ would want to do. He might in fact just want to go out in the woods and relax, or he might want to single-handedly dominate the globe. There are going to be more than one of these people created at the same time, of course, and it is likely that Musk himself plans on being the first non-cripple to do it. So I guess we should factor in Musk’s personality.

I wonder if the government, or anyone else, is trying to keep him from doing this?

In a serious society, these are the kinds of discussions we would be having right now. Instead, we are talking about:

  • White racism
  • A supposed deadly virus pandemic
  • Changing the weather

All three of those things are hoaxes, with absolutely no meaning or value as items of public discussion.