Brag About Releasing Blacks from Prison During a Race Riot? Why Would You Do That?

In other strange Donald Trump news, the President is attacking Joe Biden for not freeing enough blacks from prison – and bragging about all the blacks he freed from prison!

He’s saying this in the middle of black riots, which is actually incredible. Because I and everyone else who took issue with his plan to free all of these blacks are just sitting here wondering how many of these rioters are people that he freed from prison. Whatever that number is, it’s not zero, and I’m kind of waiting for one of them to be identified.

Why would he brag about releasing blacks from prison when the blacks are rioting?

Does he actually believe that any single liberal is going to side with him in the election?

I know that Jared told him that he’d get the black vote if he released a bunch of blacks from prison and hung out with Kanye West.

As of two weeks ago, Trump was polling at 3% among black Americans. So the whole thing is probably a gigantic waste. Certainly, I don’t think those numbers are going to go up because he let them riot and loot.

Trump might get some of the black vote, but he’ll get the black vote of some percentage of the 1/3rd of blacks that are against rioting. Pro-riot blacks are not going to vote for Donald Trump, no matter what he does, so the idea of appealing to black rioters is just so nuts, you wonder if Prince Jared wants him to lose.

When you factor in the recent claims that Trump has Kushner on figuring out how to give citizenship to the DACA babies…

You have a real head-scratcher.

Another Jewish Trump administration official has come out and said that this plan for DACA isn’t true.

Girdusky has a very good track record, however.

It is mind-boggling that Trump would allow Kushner to be involved in DACA discussions, under any circumstances, but doing so a few months before the election is so bizarre that it only makes sense in terms of a plan to throw the election.

Just as Trump is only going to get the vote from the blacks who don’t support rioting and looting, he is only going to get the vote from the Hispanics who do not support mass immigration. So the only thing he is doing with either of these things is potentially losing support from the targeted minority demographics, while obviously – and much more importantly – insulting and attacking his own base.

This election is going to be very weird, and it might end up being done through the mail, in which case Trump is pretty well guaranteed to lose. If it happens as a real election, however, it’s still not really looking great for him.