Bradley Manning Threatens to Commit Suicide on Twitter

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2018

Bradley Manning as photographed by the Jew photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Bradley Manning went to Twitter the other day and posted a couple of messages where he basically told his followers that he was preparing to kill himself. One of the posts appeared to show him threatening to throw himself out of a window.

Baltimore Sun:

A poster to Chelsea Manning’s Twitter account said that the Senate candidate from Maryland was “safe” after a pair of tweets Sunday raised concerns among her followers.

The tweets, since deleted, have been described by several news organizations.

One read: “I’m sorry – I tried – I’m sorry I let you all down. Im not really cut out for this world – I tried adapting to this world out here but I failed you – I couldn’t do this anymore – I can take people I don’t know hating me but not my own friends. I tried and I’m sorry about my failure.”

The other included a photo that showed the legs and feet of a person with painted toenails standing on what appears to be a window ledge high over a city street and the words “im sorry.”

The account was flooded with concern from some of Manning’s 323,000 followers. A small minority accused her of staging a publicity stunt or being a “traitor.”

Talk about a weird situation.

For those who don’t recall the history behind Manning, he came to public prominence several years ago after he was put in prison for leaking classified information. While in prison, he changed his name to “Chelsea” and declared that he was undergoing gender transition and becoming a woman. It is reasonable to believe that his decision to undergo gender transformation was the direct result of him being tortured to the point where he went insane. His mistreatment while in custody was documented by various mainstream news sources.

Manning eventually had his sentence commuted by Barack Obama. Once freed, he decided to enter the world of politics.

Just a few months ago he announced that he was running for the Senate in Maryland as a Democrat. He’s up against the incumbent Jew Senator Ben Cardin in the primary race.

It’s honestly hard to say exactly what happened here though. Sure, it’s possible that this was just some misguided publicity stunt to give more visibility to his political campaign. On the other hand, we are dealing with a crazy person and crazy people will do crazy things.

The chances are slim that Manning will win the primary and probably slimmer after this fiasco. However, if he did somehow manage to win, it would be one of the craziest things ever. It would only further illustrate just how ridiculous and insane this system of democracy has become.

Overall though, there is nothing funny about this story. Only a sick person would laugh at a mentally disturbed tranny threatening to kill themselves on social media. I trust that the average Daily Stormer reader is mature enough not to laugh at this very unfortunate situation.