Bradley Manning Released From Jail as Assange Case Stalled by Lack of British Extradition

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 10, 2019

For some reason, Donald Trump thought it was a good idea to attempt to jail all of the people who got him elected, one by one. His latest attack on one prominent individual who helped him win the 2016 election, Julian Assange, was thwarted when the British did not immediately extradite Assange after his US-arranged arrest in London.

So they just had this tranny sitting in jail with nothing to do.

The Independent:

The former US intelligence analyst [Bradley] Manning has been released from prison after [he] was jailed for refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks.

[Mr] Manning spent 62 days in jail on contempt charges but was released as the term of the grand jury [he] was supposed to give evidence to expired.

However the ex Army employee, who served seven years of a 35-year sentence for handing a huge trove of confidential documents to WikiLeaks, could be back in jail within a week.

[He] has received another subpoena demanding [he] testify to a new grand jury, opening on 16 May.

Under US federal law, a person subpoenaed by a grand jury can be jailed on a civil contempt charge if judges believe it has a chance of coercing them to give evidence.

Earlier this week, [Mr] Manning’s lawyers filed court papers arguing that [he] should not be jailed again because [he] has proven that [he] will stick to [his] principles and will not testify no matter how long [he] is jailed.

If a judge were to determine that incarcerating [Mr] Manning were punitive rather than coercive, [he] would not be jailed.

“At this point, given the sacrifices [he] has already made, [his] strong principles, [his] strong and growing support community, and the disgrace attendant to [his] capitulation, it is inconceivable that [Bradley] Manning will ever change [his] mind about [his] refusal to cooperate with the grand jury,” [his] lawyers wrote.

[Mr] Manning filed an eight-page statement with the court on Monday outlining [his] resolve.

[He] wrote that “cooperation with this grand jury is simply not an option. Doing so would mean throwing away all of my principles, accomplishments, sacrifices, and erase decades of my reputation – an obvious impossibility,” [he] wrote.

[He] also said [he] was suffering disproportionately in jail because of physical problems related with inadequate follow-up care to gender-reassignment surgery.

Yeah, punitively jailing a tranny for refusing to go on trial for a crime he was already convicted and sentenced for once is not a good look for a president that has made forcing Africans to normalize sodomy a major part of his platform.

The plan was to get Manning to say something untrue – which they thought he might do, due to his mental illness – that they can use to convict Assange of a crime he didn’t commit.

The charges against Assange all relate to the 2010 Manning leaks, and have nothing to do with the 2016 election, ostensibly.

But in real life, neither Obama nor anyone else was ever going to prosecute Assange for the 2010 leaks because they weren’t even that big of a deal, and prosecuting whistleblowers is so unpopular. Trump apparently thought he could get more popular support behind making an example of Assange because Assange helped create his disastrous presidency.

But even that wasn’t enough to make people decide that it is okay to prosecute journalists for publishing information about government corruption, so the British refused to extradite and instead just threw Assange in jail for a year. So Trump had this tranny hanging around with nothing to do, making him look like a virulent homophobe.

Can’t have that.