Brace Yourselves: World War Trump has Begun

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2016


Last night, a planned Trump rally in Chicago was shut down by protesters. An arena where Trump was meant to speak was filled with anti-Trump protesters. Trump was forced to cancel, because the protesters were inside the arena.

From the pictures, the protest side was made up of a mixed gaggle of Blacks, Moslems, other non-Whites. There were almost no Whites, save some women and even they were few.

trump protest AP_606655696343-1024x619 la-na-trump-rally-protests-chicago-photos-2016-008

Here’s some extended video.

A true multiculture, these protesters.

A riot then broke out, with Trump supporters chanting “we want Trump” and anti-Trumps chanting “we stumped Trump.” A whole lot of police were brought in to clear out the arena.

Thousands marched through the streets.

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This is a monumental event.

The start of a war.

The details haven’t emerged, but I am comfortable speculating that “community organizers” (Chicago is famous for these) went and bought up most of the tickets to the event, then handed them out to Blacks and others through their networks.

And they are going to try this again. And Trump supporters will be ready for the to try it again. It could be a lot more ugly than chants, marches and a couple fist fights.

After canceling the rally, Trump appeared on with Don Lemon, who basically blamed him for the rally being attacked by protesters.

The good news is, any Republican – any normal White American – seeing the way this mixed army of freaks have responded to Trump, are going to realize that we are in a war, which is a culture war and more importantly a race war.

As always, the attacks on Trump are good for Trump.

There just isn’t any way to look at this horde of foreign people screaming against your people and not respond on a primal level.

The final battle has begun.

Hail Victory.