Boyfriend Bets His Girlfriend She Would Get More Tinder Matches Than Him – Wins Bet, Loses Girlfriend

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2019

There’s a “subreddit” on Reddit where people ask for relationship advice, and this recent post is a great example of how social media artificially inflates women’s egos. Their self-perceived value skyrockets the moment they get their first “show bob and vegana” message from thirsty males, and those messages don’t stop.

This is what happens when women have access to social media and dating apps.

From the Reddit post (backup here):

Hi all.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for 3 years and thereabouts, and all was going pretty well. I met her IRL, but before that I was having no success with the Tinder game. She, herself, never used it ever.

2 weeks ago, she was telling me about some of her friends’ horror stories on Tinder, and I laughed with her and added “Tinder’s way worse for guys, though”. She didn’t believe me when I told her most guys get 0 matches, and I wouldn’t either. So we decided to play (what seemed at the time) a fun game : set up Tinder profiles of each other and see what happened. And the obvious happened: after one week, I had pretty much no matches except bots. On the other hand, she was bombarded with matches and messages, quite a few of them from pretty attractive guys (or at least, what I judge to be attractive guys, a lot of them probably more than me). She admitted I was right and that it was an “eye opener”. We agreed to shut down our profiles.

The problem is, ever since, she’s grown slightly more distant and cold, and it’s now beginning to be noticeable. Basically less happy to see me, much less in the mood for sex, not as physical or cuddly as before, and more importantly way more monosyllabic in our conversations. etc. I sat her down yesterday to talk about it, and she was evasive. When I asked if the Tinder experiment had anything to do with it, she looked away and just vaguely said “I don’t know, maybe”.

I feel like I’ve played myself here. Is this doomed or is there any way I can save it?

TL ; DR: played a Tinder experiment with my girlfriend and now it looks like she’s way more distant and cold towards me.

Yeah, that backfired horribly. There’s no coming back from that, guys.

Once a woman stops seeing you as a man that is wanted by other women, she stops wanting you. Women don’t have independent thought and they operate based on consensus, so if she perceives the consensus to be that other women are not attracted to you, she becomes not attracted to you even if she was madly attracted to you before.

This is one of the reasons you should always openly flirt with women even if you have a girlfriend. Especially if you have a girlfriend. These creatures need to be constantly reminded that you can get other women, that other women are interested in you, and that she’s not special.

Bitch needs to know she’s not special, otherwise she’ll act like she’s special.

She needs to now that you have options. You need her to know that you have options, and you actually need to have options.

Women are practically retarded creatures that can be made to think whatever you need them to think by creating the illusion of social consensus, which is why the Jews work so hard at controlling the narratives. They’ve set up this huge illusion-of-social-consensus apparatus composed by television, Hollywood, academia, the media, and pretty much every institution because the consensus doesn’t even need to be real for women to accept it. It just needs to feel right.

Giving women the right to vote was one of the worst mistakes we’ve made these last centuries because it catalyzed uncountable branches of additional mistakes that resulted in men cutting up their penises, hordes of orcs decimating Osgiliath, children being injected with hormones, and the killing of babies, among others.

We have to gag them and cage them if we want to start fixing up this mess.

But until then, don’t waste your time online feeding their egos through social media or dating apps. Only interact with front-holes in person.