#BoycottStarWarsVII: The Perfect Judo Troll

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2015

Boycott this!
Boycott this!

The #BoycottStarWarsVII hashtag has officially gone supernova. It is getting insane levels of media attention, going so far as to get a response from the Jew director himself, JJ Abrams.

Look at all this.

Twitter trolls urge boycott of Star Wars over black character | Film | The Guardian Trevor Noah smacks down #BoycottStarWarsVII: “Stop complaining, racists — you had your ‘Star Wars’ movie already” - Salon.com Selection_585 Boycott Star Wars VII Trending on Twitter ... Claiming White Genocide | TMZ.com Now white people are trying to ruin “Star Wars”: Racist reaction to new trailer is part Gamergate, part Donald Trump

And it goes on and on.

“4,641 more articles”

The media is acting as though this is some massive movement, when the reality is, it was just a few brilliant trolls on Twitter spamming this, and then the hashtag began trending when the SJWs, who have a much larger presence on Twitter than racist trolls, because using the tag posting against racism.

But instead of the story being reported this way, it was reported as though there is a massive racist movement against the browning of Star Wars.

What happens then is the media does our work for us. When we are portrayed as a massive movement, the ideas then become more acceptable to the masses. People who were afraid to speak out about their racial feelings, or were consciously suppressing them, now think “well, I actually agree with this movement opposed to making everything Black.”

This is judo trolling – using the force of the media against its own agenda.

Star Wars was a great spot to hit, as White males of a wide range of age groups grew up watching these films, and (for better or worse) identify rather strongly with them. As people see Blacks whining and taking over everything in the news, then they see them in their favorite films playing roles that were meant for Whites, a tribal instinct is stirred. The masses can and will connect with this.

It doesn’t much help they’ve picked the most primitive, apelike Black I’ve ever seen to play this role. Or that the Jew director openly said that he was purposefully replacing Whites on purpose.

We are Caught – And It Matters Not

Of course, certain analysts were able to figure out what the trolls had done.

At Vox, a presumed Jew called Genevieve Koski told people that they were feeding trolls and must stop:

On Monday afternoon, the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII shot to the top of Twitter’s trending topics. Since we’re in the midst of a huge promotional push for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, it’s not surprising that J.J. Abrams’s upcoming film is one of the most talked-about things on social media right now, but the context of #BoycottStarWarsVII is much uglier than, say, trying to avoid the most concentrated, mercenary marketing push imaginable.

Here’s the thing, though: Click over to the #BoycottStarWarsVII hashtag, and you’ll see roughly 95 percent of those using it are talking about how ridiculous and disgusting the hashtag is, or retweet-shaming actual racist tweets. As of this writing, I had to scroll through 20-plus anti-#BoycottStarWarsVII tweets to find one that was actually in support of the movement.

That’s not to say there aren’t people out there using Twitter to spread a message of hate. But the fact that they’re such a small fringe compared with the number decrying their message speaks to the unique way Twitter trends can amplify a niche message and create controversy out of whole cloth.
#BoycottStarWarsVII began with a handful of people tweeting repeatedly

The seeds of discontent were sown Sunday night by user @DarklyEnlighten (“Lord Humungus”), and quickly found flower in the timeline of user @genophilia (“End Cultural Marxism”). These two users are responsible for the vast majority of early #BoycottStarWarsVII tweets. Both explicitly express the desire to get the hashtag trending. Overnight, a few others took up the cause (@officialCritDis, “Critical Spooking,” being another major amplifier).

But the great irony of social media is that pushing against this type of thing only gives it greater amplification and alerts more people to its existence. For every 100 people who see #BoycottStarWarsVII as a garbage fire, there might be one who somehow finds value in it and spreads the message further.

Everyone spreading the hashtag — pro or anti — is giving those who started it exactly what they want

Amplification by those who disagreed with the hashtag’s aims was exactly what users like @DarklyEnlighten and @genophilia were banking on when they started flooding their timelines last night. Being as shocking and provocative as possible prompts responses, and that sort of engagement piques Twitter’s algorithm’s interest, giving rise to a “trending topic,” regardless of the topic at hand.

People like @DarklyEnlighten and @genophilia take great glee in angering “social justice warriors,” using the anger they provoke to advance their own causes/victim complexes — and, most of all, to amuse themselves. @DarklyEnlighten, @genophilia, and their ilk weren’t really aiming to start a movement with this hashtag. They were trolling, plain and simple, and it worked.

Well, you caught us. This is obviously exactly what we do.

Someone else figured us out!
Someone else figured us out!

But it works. And you can’t stop it from working.

You know why?

Because being outraged and complaining about things is the core concept of SJWism. If SJWs weren’t by their very basic nature whining women and faggots, they would find some other ideology. This is the core flaw – we can get you to whine, and your whining is so much louder than our trolling.

You people went and voluntarily put the terms “anti-White” and “White genocide” all through headlines in every major publication. We didn’t force you to do this. You did it of your own volition.

The fact that these people are now claiming that it was a 4chan hoax – that they all fell for – means nothing. Damage is done, and it can be done infinity times, because SJWism is a philosophy of outrage.

The only thing you can do is openly call for an end to free speech to protect your own feelings.


I think it might be too obvious.
I think it might be too obvious…

Judo Trolling


Though #BoycottStarWarsVII was a monumental troll coup of a whole new order (heil @DarklyEnlighten and @genophilia), Judo Trolling is a method others, including the Daily Stormer, have used to great success.

Last year, we managed to get our #FilthyJewBitch trolling campaign against Jew MP Luciana Berger into the British parliament twice.

More recently, @Ricky_Vaughn99 got rolling the #NROrevolt hashtag (I modestly contributed #Kikeservative, in reference to Jonah Goldberg), which caused the entire staff of the National Review Online to lose their composure and rage through the tubes.

We also recently got the fat kike Seth Rogen to respond to tweets, though regrettably that has yet to result in a media storm (keep pushing it, I think it eventually will).

As Opposed to #Cuckservative

The #Cuckservative meme was slightly different than #BoycottStarWarsVII in that it actually did grow legs among mainstream conservatives fed-up with getting cuckolded.

It also has staying power, really replacing the much weaker “RINO” (Republican in name only) meme as the default insult of anyone claiming to be a “conservative” but failing to actually conserve anything.

#BoycottStarWarsVII is more of a one-time bang. But what a bang.

What they share, however, is that they are more than racist or conservative: they are anti-Semitic. @DarklyEnlighten and @genophilia made it a point to point out the Jew nature of this new Star Wars film, just as MPC, which created the #Cuckservative meme, made sure to make shilling for Israel a central part of the concept.

In making things anti-Semitic, we are forcing “conservatives” to choose sides. Because in Reality Prime, there are only two sides: Jews and their shills and those opposed. Drawing that line, pressing it and making it bolder, is key to success. We need a true “with us or against us” philosophy to solidify in the mainstream.

Don’t discount this power.

We are not in a shooting war. Even if we started a shooting war and won, we wouldn’t have actually won anything at all unless we changed the way people think. This is a war of ideas and the internet is a place of ideas.

If you are not yet involved, join the fight.

You could create the next hilarious and successful troll storm.

All it takes is will.

Hail Victory.