#BoycottNetflix: Jew-Owned Blacks Get Netflix Hate Show, White Community Boycotts

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2017

Never thought I’d say this, but I miss Dr. Dre and Ice Cube

Over the last decade, Jewish cultural gatekeepers have been nurturing an elite class of slightly above average intelligence blacks who I call the IntellNigentsia. Good examples of this phenomenon  are quadroons like Chauncey DeVega, Talcum X (Shaun King) and Ta Nehisi Coates. The Hollywood film-turned-Netflix-Series “Dear White People” and “Hidden Figures” are the entertainment parallel.

With a massive chip on their shoulders (they’re usually, but not exclusively, “tragic mulatto” types), and bank accounts stacked with Kosher cheddah, these blacks (or “blacks”) are able to access the official propaganda megaphones to engage in mental masturbatory exercises like an essay about the terrifying “white gaze” of Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” to the now infamous politicizing and policing of Halloween costumes.

Ralphie might seem like an adorable and innocent little kid, but he needs to be machete’d Mau-Mau style because of his racist voodoo gaze over Chauncey DeVega’s ‘black body.’

Now, let’s get one thing straight: it’s true that white people (including liberal white people) don’t like living among blacks. White people across the political spectrum also don’t like sending their kids to school with blacks. There’s a myriad of reasons for this (like the racist notion of not wanting to be murdered and raped), but they’re irrelevant.

If these black snowflakes are so intimidated by lil’ Ralphie’s white gaze, wouldn’t separation into different homelands allow them to sleep at night? Wouldn’t it end all racism for good? Dear Black People, let’s work together to emancipate you from our racism!

The IntellNigentsia says no. The Jewish bully pulpit is not for Louis Farrakhan or Marcus Garvey, or any other black striving for liberation through racial separation – it is for psychologically demented mulattoes who hate and want to physically harm white people as a class, while also demanding the government legislate to box us in with them. Their real intent is to force you to play racial/political Twister with them to test the limits of your patience, and every one of their grievances is purposely ridiculous so that the average dumb black is in a permanent state of incitement no matter what whitey does to better their conditions.

These college campus useless naggers won’t personally fight you, but that doesn’t apply to the violent ghetto blacks they call on to pogrom white students Temple University style. This is precisely the goal of films and now TV shows like “Dear White People.”

Dear Black People, We’re Going to Boycott Your Corporate Enablers

“Dear White People” is a 2014 film written by an out of touch upper middle class black homo named Justin Simien (perhaps a combination using letters from both “Simian” and “Semen”), that serves as a template instructing other upper class blacks on white college campuses on how they can mess with white people and get away with it. The movie revolves around a feminist mulatto who gains a following among black students for her criticism of white “microaggressions,” who she later leads into a chimpout where they riot and attack whites over a frat party where people playfully put on blackface.

Despite heavy-duty press play and rave reviews from the Judenpresse, the film’s box office performance was lackluster. That didn’t stop the company who carried the indie-film “Dear White People” as a charitable act (charity to Jews is furthering racial animosity against white people), Lionsgate (run by the Jews Mark Rachesky and Jon Feltheimer), from lobbying Netflix to turn it into a show.

Netflix, which is run by a New England WASP, has been giving (((Hollywood))) a run for their money as of late. In fact, the trash being churned out by Hollywood has meant that people are no longer seeing movies, instead preferring the content aimed at adults (rather than middle aged women and minorities) offered by TV shows on AMC and the more mixed-bag at (sometimes heavily Jewy) HBO, as well as the streaming services (Amazon, Netflix).

Seeing this, Jews are starting to take this competition more seriously, and looking to invest big money in these competitors to influence them, as seen with George Soros dumping (((Disney))) for a Netflix buy-in last November.  It’s only a matter of time before the stuff on there gets worse and worse, but whites appear to be showing a pulse and taking a stand.

Here’s the latest from #WhiteTwitter


NETFLIX has sparked an angry online backlash and calls for a boycott over claims the video streaming service is “race baiting” with comedy titled Dear White People.

Many said they would cancel their Netflix subscription, while others described the video as “racist towards white people” and an example of “why Trump won”.

“Dear Netflix. Social justice warrior idiocy has failed,” wrote conservative commentator Mark Dice.

“Keep deleting comments, Netflix, you can’t delete the truth,” DerNamenlose1991 wrote, with PriceRight89 adding: “Who wants to bet they’ll delete this and try again to get a more desired like/dislike ratio?”

Max Larsen wrote: “Who on earth thought this was a good idea? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see racial tensions are at all-time highs because of the regressive left. Why would you name it that? What is the gain here? What moron in marketing made these decisions?”

“Not even white but this s*** is getting annoying as f***. Keep this up for #Trump2020,” Josh Chung wrote. Bill Nguyen added: “Netflix, make a Dear Black People [or] Dear Yellow People and I will considering buying a subscription.”

Venom Snake wrote: “Thanks for helping Trump get re-elected in 2017. People are tired of this constant race-baiting bulls***.”

Anonymous wrote: “Dear white people, quit giving entertainment corporations like Netflix and Hollywood producers your money, learn to torrent and use illegal streaming sites for the content you want, and most certainly unsubscribe from Netflix.”

TacTundra35 wrote: “Interesting how ‘white people’ invented most of the things that make up this trailer … like universities, computers, TVs, the European waltz in the background … yet it’s still okay to be racist towards us.”

Mikael Bloomqvist wrote: “It’s fine and encouraged to say racists need to check themselves … but to call out all white people as racist IS racist.

People are flooding Netflix with complaints, which you should do as well (cancel your subscription and get your entertainment elsewhere), but with (((Jonathan Friedlander))) as Chief Communications Officer, expect it to be symbolic, as the payots will cover his ears to affronted whites.

If you don’t have Netflix, go to their Youtube page where they keep deleting and re-uploading the trailer because of all the thumbs down they’re getting and tell them what you think.

We’re the majority, we have the power to break them. We don’t need to take their crap anymore.