#BoycottHeineken: Dutch Piss Water Manufacturer Promotes Open Borders

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
May 30, 2017

As Richard Spencer pointed out in one of his college talks, leftist activists aren’t really “resisting” anything, as they have the exact same views as every major media outlet and multinational corporation.

Corporate sponsorship of leftist ideas has been a long standing tradition.

Over the past few years, there have been some egregious examples of this style of marketing, particularly with the promotion of faggotry.

Burger King pushed the “Proud Whopper” and Frito-Lay gave us AIDS-flavored Rainbow Doritos.

We’re not all the same inside. Most of us don’t have compromised immune systems that’ll make us keel over and die if we get the flu.

Whether you’re cruising rest areas on the side of a highway or disappointing your dad, Rainbow Doritos make a great snack for any occasion.

It seems like social jewstice has become the hot new marketing angle for corporations to hock their garbage products and services. Even banks are getting in on the action.

When you’re withdrawing your pittance from the local ZOGBank, is there any reason for sodomy to enter the transaction? Any reason at all?

And as disgusting and immoral as it is, the marketing towards queers does follow some kind of logic because their disposable incomes mean more opportunities for these companies to make money off of them.

The true agenda behind the promotion of homosexuality.

Pepsi recently released its infamous Kendall Jenner commercial, which was a thorn in the side of leftists because it exposed their fake resistance movement as being nothing more than another commercial product. It also came out that Wells Fargo sponsored a BLM talk with DeGay McKesson and some other pseudo-intellectual chimp in a suit.

Wow, these guys must have a really brave and rebellious message.

Now Heineken is using its brand to promote open borders, among other leftist ideas.

Heineken’s “Open Your World” campaign, which is presently only targeting the UK, has been going for about a month. Along with printing a “no borders” message on their bottles, the beer company has released a commercial so phony and cringe-worthy, I almost had a stroke from the douche chills it gave me.

Huffington Post:

Entitled “Worlds Apart,” the ad features three pairs of strangers who meet for the first time without knowing they have opposing views. One pair doesn’t agree about feminism; another has disparate views on climate change. The last pair are a man and a transgender woman who don’t agree on the issue of identity.

The three pairs meet in a warehouse, where they are given tasks such as building stools to sit on, answering a Q&A and building their own bar. After completing all of the tasks together … Actually, just watch the ad below. Then we’ll continue.

It feels, more than anything, like a literal interpretation of Obama’s words from his farewell address: “If you’re tired of arguing with strangers on the Internet, try talking with one of them in real life.”

SPOILER ALERT: In the end, the guy claiming to be on the “new right” ends up saying “Smash the Patriarchy” with a negress dyke as they toast each other, the two dorks arguing about “climate change” reach some vague agreement and, as it turns out, a mutilated man in a dress really is a woman after all.

Thanks for clearing all that up, Heineken!

So, does Heineken actually believe any of this SJeW nonsense they’re pushing? I doubt it. Every company’s mission is basically to maximize profit no matter what. And that includes cynically attaching themselves to whatever political trends are popular at the moment.

It might’ve just been the angle the ad agency they hired went with. A lot of the people that work for these ad agencies are vapid SWPLs, NPR-listening minorities and other coffee shop tropes without an original thought in their heads. Sam Hyde highlighted this in a classic MDE video:

But no matter what their motivation for including this globalist propaganda in their ads is, they need to be punished for it.

The left attacks companies that hire people on our side of the political spectrum all the time, so why should we not do the same? Hit these bastards where it hurts: their wallet.


Whenever I’ve suggested this in the past, I’ve gotten naysayers that tell me it’s a waste of time and our numbers aren’t big enough to make them go out of business. This is a loser mentality.

First off, why would you even want to give money to these people? Quit funding your enemies.

Second, even if it doesn’t put them out of business, you can still hurt their earnings. And unlike when miscegenation gets pushed in advertising, normiecons won’t be as hesitant to publicly come out against open borders. You can get them on board too.

Third, a boycott doesn’t really require you to do much of anything. It just requires you to not give them your money and spread the word that this company is spreading globalist (anti-nationalist) propaganda.

Eventually we’d like to reach numbers where we can put these scumbags out of business for pushing this garbage. Anheuser-Busch realized they screwed up when sales declined after they put those two unfunny liberal kikes in commercials for beer that normiecons drink. Heineken needs to feel the same backlash. Spread the word and get #BoycottHeineken trending across all social media platforms.

Shutting these two kikes down was just the beginning. With enough time we’ll be putting any company that thinks finger-wagging liberalism is a good idea out of business.

[Editor’s Note: I know many of you hate hearing it, but beer is estrogen in bottle anyway. I understand there are cultural elements to it for most Europeans (and to a lesser extent Americans as well), but any more than one or two beers a month is too many. If you’re out drinking, drink liquor. It won’t make you tired and it won’t give you a hangover and most importantly it won’t destroy your testosterone levels. And, to my knowledge, neither Jack Daniels nor Absolute have ever promoted open borders or anal sex with men. -AA]